Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Continuing Along

As we continue along on our trip I must admit to be enjoying positively beautiful weather. We have heard of so many nightmares in the news lately and it could be a huge hoax if we were not witnessing the damage left in its path.

The farm fields are certainly suffering. Many are still showing new lakes even with a week of lovely warm and dry weather. The crops that are left are very yellow and stunted from so much water. The corn and beans on our family farms actually look better than most that we saw while driving. The farms are farmed by my cousins who are very progressive farmers. They were able to get into the fields earlier with their equipment and got their fields planted. Many fields remain unplanted this late in the year. These are a few shots from our family's farm.

This was one of many farms that had some water issues.

This is my grandparents home. My cousin lives in it now. There are many fond memories that remain from our days spent visiting them. My grandmother remained there alone until she was 97 years of age and decided that the upkeep was more than she wanted. She lived until she was 103.

While driving along the highway, I caught a glimpse of a calf being born. We turned back and watched the continuation of the process which was a real thrill. My husband was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and was amazed to see the care of the mother while she encouraged the little one to get up on very wobbly legs. Timing is everything while driving.

The area in which I was raised is in the heart of the Amish community. Roads are shared with buggies.

Iowa has a great roadside attraction of painted quilt squares on barns and buildings. I had seen them in one of my quilting magazines and was thrilled to see so many in person.

A side trip to Parkersburg revealed an amazing landscape of utter destruction. I simply cannot imagine what those people must have experienced that day. It was wonderful to see so many local people pitching in to help. It will be beautiful again.

We continue on our westward journey. We will miss the $3.69 per gallon gasoline. Tomorrow we will stay with friends in Colorado Springs and then onto Glenwood Springs to visit with "old" Navy friends.

I have a painfully slow internet connection here so I have not been able to check many blogs. I am excited about getting back and caught up on the last few weeks activities.


  1. My heart just goes out to those suffering such devastating losses. It's hard to imagine that destruction.
    Loved seeing the quilt squares on the barns.
    You'll be in for sticker shock on gas when you get back to CA!!
    We paid $4.57 this week. Yikes!!
    Travel safely..

  2. It is lovely to share your photos, and I am thankful your family has survived the flooding, but oh, what an enormous task that town, and many more, will have to become beautiful again. The quilt squares are wonderful!
    And petrol here is now £1.20+ a litre. More than double what you pay in the States!

  3. Hi Mary -

    Thanks for posting such great photos. I love the quilt paintings on the barns - I bet it was fun to see them in person!

    But it's heartbreaking to see the devastation so many folks are facing. Hubby and I were saying last night how great it would be if we could somehow transfer a good amount of that water here to California, to put out the wildfires up north.

    Looking forward to seeing you when you get home, where gas is now $4.65 a gallon. Oy!

    Continued safe travels!

  4. Thanks for the travelogue and all the great pictures. Love your G'ma's big old farmhouse.
    It must have been so sad to see all the damage from water and tornadoes.
    Continue to have a safe trip home.

  5. Hi! Glad you are having such a lovely time and seeing all those wonderful sights! That's amazing you happened onto the little calf that was being born! I was going to say 'udderly' amazing but thought better of it! lol! Love the quilt squares on the barns, I wonder how they choose which ones they are going to paint.
    So sad about all that devastation. Yes, they will rebuild but I would think they would always be frightened that it might happen again.
    Your grandparents home is lovely! You must have had such a nice walk down memory lane visiting there. Nice that it's still in the family.
    Both my grandparents homes burned to the ground which is so sad.
    Just walked over to see the 'maiden voyage' in the new swimming pool at Son's house. The kids were so excited and were having a wonderful time swimming with their Dad. I took some pictures but everything is still under construction so will have to do a before and after. Came home when it started raining with some thunder in the distance to put the horses in. We are expecting some rain on Sunday and Monday and we need it. I have been watering everything and my veggie garden is pathetic.
    Continue to have a safe trip home, I'm sure they will all be so glad to see you when you get there!!! xoxox

  6. So happy that you are having a great trip!! What fun!! I know that Iowa has had a lot of tragedies!! My parents live in Illinois so I know!! Gasoline is cheaper there. We are paying about 3.82 here in Ga now.


  7. What a great trip you had! I can't believe your grandma was able to stay in that lovely big house until she was 97. She must have been amazing.

    Your family farm is just so lovely. I imagine your husband has somewhat of a culture shock when he goes back there with you!

    The devastation is so sad - but they are handling it much differently than New Orleans, aren't they?

    Glad you're home safe and sound. Hope you enjoyed Colorado.

    I had a wonderful last day and party with my family in the evening - I am greatly looking forward to no 5:00 alarm on Monday morning!

  8. all that loss, very devastating!
    baby calf born, that is so cool!
    always love to see your photos
    be safe!

  9. I've spent a very enjoyable time reading up on your latest 'doings'. I always love to see your family photos. Those sweet little girls sure did a great job with their dad's cake :) And oh, boysenberries! I love them, and haven't had them since I was living in Australia. Lucky you to have the 4 kids while their parents were away. Such cuteys :)
    What an interesting trip you've had. Thanks for sharing all those great photos. How sad to see the damage those poor people have suffered. I can't imagine how scary that must've been.
    I'm sure you'll be glad to get home and see the family again. Glad you had such a fun vacation and good weather.

  10. Wow, your trip looks wonderful. I love road trips! I think seeing a calf being born would be so exciting too! It's horrible all of the destruction you're witnessing, but I guess it really brings it home that it really DOES happen... We've been going through such a drought here I wish we could get some of that rain! I haven't seen quilt squares on barns before - that's so cool!