Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, K

Yesterday was our beautiful daughter's 26th birthday. Where have the years gone? She was a delightful surprise after having four sons. This was before the use of ultrasounds and the deliveries were all a surprise to the parents.

I worked in the same hospital where I delivered and was surrounded by my friends. I had worked the night before I delivered and had actually made up pink crib cards because I was so convinced that this baby was a girl. I could not convince my husband so it was a complete shock to him when they announced, "It's a girl." Being the eldest of six brothers and then having four sons of his own, one can understand his shock.

Pink!!! Pink cards, pink flowers, pink dolls, pink clothes.........everything was pink. It was such a foreign color to us, but she quickly captured the hearts of everyone. The boys placed her in the pram and took her for a walk through the neighborhood to show her off the day we came home from the hospital. Mind you, the boys were 7 - 12 years older than she was. We have enjoyed our "surprise" over the years and now she is a new mommy herself.

The weekend provided some good time with my two oldest granddaughters. Their school has an auction coming up in November and they wanted to make a quilt to put up for bids. We worked on a snowman quilt, but we still have our handwork to finish up. They also wanted to learn how to make the quilted postcards so they could make them for their friends. I love the creative minds of children. The freedom is so wonderful.

Guess what arrived in my mail this week. I was a winner in Pea's Halloween Giveaway and look at all these lovely gifts.

I love them all, Pea. Thank you. For anyone who does not follow Pea's blog, you don't know what you are missing. She is one of the kindest and most generous bloggers out there. As well, she has an incredible blog -- always interesting.

Our third son and his family had their Christmas photos taken this week. I know, it's hard to imagine that it is that time of the year already. It's always a challenge to get everyone to smile at the same time, but I think the gal captured them pretty well.

I guess that I have rambled on long enough here. I hope that everyone is enjoying their week and will continue to do so.


Dawn said...

What a beautiful daughter, and what a wonderful surprise she was! I can just see all those young boys taking her around the neighborhood showing her off!

And what a wonderful Christmas picture - it's amazing that they all look so good - wonderful.

Dawn said...

Me again - I forgot to say Congrats on winning Pea's drawing. She's fun, for sure!

And your granddaughters - so creative and delightful!

Alice Grace said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! I know that was a wonderful time to be blessed with a girl after those boys! Congratulations on winning Pea's giveaway!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday to K! She's such a beautiful young woman and her baby is precious. She must have been a delightful "belated birthday" gift to you back then.
Congrats on winning Pea's drawing. She's among the sweetest of the sweet!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening,I would like to wish your daughter a "happy birthday'!!!I have one daughter who had three boys before she had a girl and then she had two more boys after her one daughter..My girls always waited until their babies were born to find out the sex....so our surprises were many blessed ones!!!

I love Pea's Corner and visit her daily.. she is a sweetheart...I am so glad you won ...

Your son and his family look so happy and quite handsome!!!Christmas will be here before we know it...

Have a good day tomorrow..hugs,

Linds said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! And what a delight to teach/help your granddaughters to make a quilt as well.

I can't believe your son #3's family are all looking at the camera at the same time! That is a mega achievement. Congratulations for winning Pea's giveaway - she is very special, isn't she!

Carla said...

Happy Birthday to your girl! Out of 7 kids, I only have ONE daughter, and ONE stepdaughter, girls are VERY special to me. How fun to spend time teaching skills with your grandchildren. Your family is beautiful!

Kerri said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, and also congratulations on your new little grandson..and to the new mom and dad. What an exciting time for you!
Lovely pics of your October surprise. I love that baby pic, and I'm sure it was fun having pink instead of blue for a change.
Our third daughter was an October surprise too (10/2). It was kind of nice (before the ultrasounds) to be surprised, wasn't it?
The family portrait is truly precious, as is teaching your granddaughters to quilt. You sure are a lucky grandma...and a good one! :)

Sharon said...

Happy birthday to your daughter.
Congrats also on the new grandbaby and winning Pea's October giveaway.
I enjoy her blog very much. She is such a dear person.
Your son and his family photo is great to get that many looking at the camera.
God bless

Barbara said...

Quite a family picture.
I know the feeling. When my daughter was born we were thrilled and also surprised as she was the first girl amongst in my husbands family and all his brothers had boys, I was the o nly girl in my family and all my brothers had boys.
Congrats. on the prize.

Barbara said...

Quite a family picture.
I know the feeling. When my daughter was born we were thrilled and also surprised as she was the first girl amongst in my husbands family and all his brothers had boys, I was the o nly girl in my family and all my brothers had boys.
Congrats. on the prize.

palmtreefanatic said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your ever so beautiful daughter! Daughters are such a blessing!That baby is just too too cute too!;)
nice family photo!

G'G'ma said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. What a beautiful Christmas photo. Congratulations on your win. Pea is such a sweetie!
Stop over...I've got a drawing for my 100th blog.

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter:-) I can well imagine how welcomed she was after having had 4 boys first! lol I have 4 brothers and I'm the only girl but mom had me in between...2 boys, me, and then 2 boys!!

Your granddaughters are so adorable and I love it that they're so creative...I hope to be doing something like that with my own granddaughter to be one day:-)

I'm so glad you received your parcel and that you liked the prizes:-) Thank you for your kind words about me...I just love blogging and love people!!

What a beautiful Christmas family portrait your son and family made!! xoxo

ceekay said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Your family is beautiful....BTW, is that correct? Your son has 10 children? Wow, that is great and they must be busy!!!

Valerie said...

Happy late Birthday to your beautiful daughter? You have a wonderful family life, it sounds like. Family is what it is all about. Did I count 10 children in your son's family picture?? Bless their hearts. It is a gorgeous family!

NanaKaren said...

Your daughter is really pretty! Happy BD to her! What a blessing, having a baby girl following all boys! The Christmas photo is wonderful...what a wonderful keepsake. Quilting grand-daughters are very cute...must have been an enjoyable time with them. Enjoy!

Midlife Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! I can well imagine your delight at having a girl after all those boys! lol! In my family my Mom had four girls before my brother came along!! Dad said they were going to keep trying until he got a boy! Mom said who needed to 'try' to get pregnant! My brother was spoiled by all of his older sisters and still is!

Wow! Does your son look like his Dad!!! At first glance I thought it was E! What a lovely Christmas picture of all of them.

We just got back from Florida this morning. We've been up since about 4:30 a.m. so will hit the bed early tonight. Had a wonderful time though, it went way too fast. I'm going to try to get some pictures posted tonight if I can hang in there!

Congratulations on winning Miss Pea's Halloween giveaway! I won it last year and have all the things out to add to my decorating this year. She is a peach! I guess I didn't win any of the 40 quilting give away items. Rats! There were some good ones!

What fun with your granddaughters! They will be so accomplished when they have their own homes to sew for.

Now I have to change gears and start thinking about the convention in two weeks. WHY do they have to have dressy stuff EVERY NIGHT????????

Kelli said...

What a beautiful family you have...how blessed you are! Congrats on winning Pea's giveaway. You are a lucky duck. :0)

nancygrayce said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter....having all sons, I wanted a daughter, but instead got a beautiful granddaughter! Is that your daughter's new baby in the picture. That is the most laid back picture! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, and happy birthday to your daughter :)

lindsey said...

What a beautiful baby and does your son have 10 children...wow and all looking at the camara. I have a photo of my 4 grandchildren all looking at the same time and that was a challenge. I will put it on my blog. Thanks for leaving your comment. Your blog is great!

Margaret Cloud said...

I like to hear people talk about their family's, then you know there is a lot of love there, thanks for sharing, nice post.