Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday's Happenings

Can you believe that the weekend is almost here? I really have not figured out where the weeks tend to go, but they are certainly going quickly these days. I must add that this week has been a much kinder week in regard to appliances than last week. Of course all of the "parts" had to be ordered so I am still awaiting the arrival of them to complete the repair work. In this day and age we expect things to be so quickly and I find myself getting a little impatient with the waiting periods. Guess that the parcels have not come up to the internet speed yet.

Since I have started with blogging, I have found that I am seldom without my camera just in case a good photo op happens. This was the case this week when I stopped over at my DIL's home to drop something off for her. They had recently ordered some new chicks and they had arrived in the mail. The parents had not told the children about the pending arrival and the wee ones were excited beyond belief. As you can see, there is quite a colorful batch of chicks. They also had the choice to have them sent in Easter colors. Can you imagine that? It will be awhile before there are any eggs to be enjoyed, but the anticipation of waiting for the first egg will keep everyone on the lookout.

Of course I also had to share this photo of the youngest one being swung in the tire swing by his siblings. Life is tough on the farm if you were to believe the facial expression. Are you getting tired of seeing the camera happy chicken yet???

And then there is this great game of hide and seek -- you can't see her, can you????

This weekend we will be celebrating our #1 son's birthday. I am sure that their day will be spent at the baseball diamonds with three boys playing ball this spring. Fortunately two are on the same team. So happy birthday to the guy sitting in the middle of this shot.

Where have the years gone? He has been a terrific firstborn and has been a wonderful role model for those who followed. Thanks, Rick, for being such a blessing to our family.

This afternoon I went to donate blood. My regular center was closed so they referred me to another one close to us. Well...... right next door to the center was a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S needlework shop. I can't believe that I had never found that one before. I do think that I will have to make that a regular stop since I will be making sure that I donate my blood at that center from now on. Not only did I find that gem, but they also passed out a coupon for a free pie from a well known restaurant just for donating this month. How much better does it get? Ahhh, the happy accidents that we find in our lives.

Also this weekend our #4 son, his wife and their baby will be down to spend the weekend with us. We are all excited about seeing the newest little one again. They grow so quickly at this age so even a few weeks makes such a difference in their appearance. From the photos they send, he is a happy and smiling little boy now.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful, safe weekend.


Susie said...

Happy Birthday to your first born son.
We're also celebrating a birthday this weekend (our firstborn grandson)
Love the tire swing picture!!

Dawn said...

Isn't it amazing how many things we find to take pictures of and blog about? It has made me see life in a whole new way.

What darling little chickies! And the little guy in the swing - priceless shot!

Valerie said...

I love your blog. I have tagged you with an award on my blog. I enjoy all my visits with you.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE these photos!!! Your grandkids are just beyond cute!!! I love the seing picture!!! That should be on a greeting card! The chickies are so cute! I have always wanted som chickens! The babies are so sweet! Of course they grow up, lol! What I REALLY want is bunnies. I told hubby I am going to get myself one :) Or two :) or three.....

Happy birthday to your sweet son!!!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are wonderful. Kids are so photogenic. I love taking pictures of mine.

I remember one summer right after I was married, my husband went off to Iraq and I went to stay on my grandma's farm. We had baby chicks and ducklings that year and they were so cute, just like your picture.

Barbara said...

Lots of birthdays here. You must have such fun with such a large family. I am an Elinor Dashwood too.
I love the different coloured chicks.
Now are you going to tell us what your brain age was?
Thanks for visiting.

Linds said...

Happy birthday to your son! Great photos too.....I so enjoy seeing everyone's life in picture. It makes us all the more real!

G'G'ma said...

Happy Birthday to your son!!
Thanks for the visit.

PEA said...

I'm still giggling at that chicken forever making it into one of the pictures!!! lol Those chicks are so sister in law had ordered some one time and they had arrived while we were there. I wanted to bring them all home! lol The little one in the tire swing is just too precious....there's a little girl hidden in that one picture???? hehe

Happy Birthday to your son...he was so cute as a little boy and still cute:-) Enjoy the weekend with your family!! xox

Midlife Mom said...

Hi from the sunny south! Its beautiful here in Florida with temps in the
70's and low 80's. The mini horse show was fabulous! We had a blast and just couldn't get over how precious them are. I took lots of pictures so will post them when I get home, can't do it on Dad's laptop. Happy birthday to your handsome son! They are all soooooooo good looking!! That chicken is a hoot! I cracked up! The little chickies are adorable, what fun. You sure had bad luck with all your appliances, yikes! Glad they are replacing the whirlpool. Love the pic of the little one in the tire swing!! Heard back from Bill B. and all is well!!!!!!!!!! I'll e-mail when I get home. xoxox