Friday, July 5, 2019


June is now only a memory.  July has arrived.  I didn't get one post done in the entire month.  I have contemplated giving up my blog with the changes Blogger made.  I enjoy blogging and I really love the rapport between bloggers.  Many "friends" have followed me for years, and I them.  Without getting notice in my inbox of incoming comments, it has become so time consuming to reply to them.  Maria has sent me e-mails with all sorts of hints for settings, etc.  Nothing I seem to do will change the situation.  I can only see comments if I sign in to my account and may times I cannot retrieve an e-mail address to reply.  I just do not feel it is right to not reply to all of the kind comments that I receive.  Thus, Blogger has been a thorn in my side when life is busy.

I haven't accomplished a lot of sewing for the month.  I have one near finish that I will show when I get done, but my fun quilting this month was receiving the blocks from my bee mates.  June was my month to be queen bee and it was great to see exciting mail arrive along with all the adds.  The block that I selected for my month was a freebie found HERE.  I made out a master plan and mailed it to my beemates.  Although I only expected one block from each, every person did TWO blocks!  Our Gridster Bee has been an amazing group of gals.  My blocks finish at 12" so the quilt went together quickly.  This is where I was earlier this week.

July means there is a new queen and these are her blocks.  I love all the scrappy goodness.

The beginning of June was for family celebrations.  Our children took us out for a day of surprises, end with a lovely dinner for our 50th anniversary.

The same weekend we celebrated the wedding of our eldest granddaughter.   This is a phot of our son and his family.

What would summer be without preserving?  The apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums have produced a massive crop this year.  I have been lucky to have these two delightful helpers to assist with canning.  We have done it together for so many years and I am sure they could do it without any guidance, but we so enjoy our canning days together.  One day we just baked without canning.  Their favorite was a Nectarine Vanilla Bean Scone.

We've also spent many hours at baseball fields and equestrian cross country meets.

There was also Father's Day and a well deserved celebration for the six great fathers in our family.

Finally there was July 4th.  We had around 80 people this year for the festivities - lots of great food and laughs.  I didn't get many pictures so I hope others have some to share.


  1. What a lovely post and i love the quilt. Great family picks make fabulous family memories...xox

  2. You have a lovely family and I loooovvve that first quilt. Happy Anniversary...50 years is an accomplishment...congrats

  3. Fun to see pictures of your celebrations and your families--such a fine, lovely group. Congratulations on your first grandchild getting married, and your 50th anniversary. So many significant experiences in this post! Love seeing your star quilt--it's going to be terrific.

  4. Wow, Mary you have been busy with all your family celebrations. How fabulous to celebrate so many milestones. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. I love seeing the photos of all the activities your family enjoys. Loved seeing your happy bee blocks, too. How lovely to receive two blocks from each bee lady....lucky you!

  5. I was so happy to see a post from you. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful milestone. Those Vanilla Bean Nectarine Scones sound delicious. I am sorry that you haven't been able to get comment notifications from Blogger. I wish I remembered the method I used to fix it. Your quilt is gorgeous.

  6. What a lovely wedding party! Congrats to the new family start. And Happy Anniversary to you and your DH. What a fun way to celebrate with all your kids there. :-)
    I love your Bee blocks. The background fabric really makes them pop!
    Sorry for your continued frustration with Blogger. I love reading your posts so I hope you continue but understand how time consuming it can be. just in case....lorismills at charter dot net :-)

  7. congrats , we are nothing with out our family

  8. Congrats to your hubby and you on your 50th and to the young couple starting their married life.
    Always fantastic family photos.
    Such fun cooking with the girls and the Vanilla Nectre Bean scones look delicious..
    Fantastic bee blocks you received and also made to send...
    Oh I do hope SOMEONE can help with blogger as I'd miss your posts...

  9. I just love your bee quilt! No way does it look like several quilters made the blocks!

    I also enjoyed reading about your June! The bread makes my mouth water - yum! I also loved reading that you enjoy canning. I have done my fair share of that through the years, but not so much any more.
    dq at

    Sorry blogger isn't working for you. I was able to get mine fixed with the help of a fellow blogger, but I cannot remember how.

  10. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary and what a lovely treat from your family. I never switched my blog to bloglovin. I stayed with the old version of google blogs and have not had problems. Sorry to hear of your problems. Perhaps you could start a new blog using another blog outlet if you are feeling stressed.

  11. June was a very full month! Congratulations on your 50th anniversary.

    Blogger really seem to be making life difficult for people who don't use gmail. I get most notifications, although not from you or from anyone with yahoo accounts. It sounds like a policy decision they have made, and if that is the case there would be no setting you could change that would fix it.

  12. I know how you feel, Mary....not making it easy for us. I get a few emails, but not hard to take this much time. Love your quilt!

  13. You have been busy, and such good times! Scones look so yummy! Hope to be preserving a large crop of peaches here very soon (tho I think I'll just freeze them for smoothies). I used to can sooo much but not lately. I spy a Benedictine hoodie! :o)

  14. It is wonderful to see your family doing things together with happy smiles all round.
    (This is a test to see if you get a notification.)

  15. Hi Mary happy 50 th anniversary what a wonderful milestone,so lovely to see so many happy family pics,lovely post my friend xx

  16. Congratulations on your 50th Mary! I always enjoy seeing the pictures of what you are working on and your beautiful family. I hope you continue to blog even once a month and that someone can help you figure out how to get your comments! Hugs, Connie

  17. Hi Mary.. Do you not have the option to reply to each comment right under their comment. I can see the word reply under each of the comments in this post.

  18. So sorry to hear you are still having trouble with Blogger. I certainly would not like for you give up, I love reading your blog and seeing all the happy photos even once a month. The blocks you received are so pretty, as are the block you have made for July. Happy 50th Anniversary! How wonderful that you celebrated the wedding that same weekend. Great photos, I specially like the one of your granddaughters baking with you. So sweet!