Saturday, March 30, 2019

Up, Up and Away

We have a granddaughter who is studying in Florence, Italy this semester so we took advantage of that and went to visit her, taking her mom and dad along with us.  We had such a nice time and finished the trip off with a couple of days in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

Although we have visited Florence before, we never tire of the beautiful sights and food found there.

Ponte Vecchio bridge in center of photo.

View of the Ponte Vecchio

The Duomo in Florence

Italy has some gorgeous leather and there were so many beautiful and unique purses.  This one made me think of Soma who does such lovely photography and has a terrific Wandering Camera post on her blog HERE.

Some sights from the Mercato Centrale.

One of the days we traveled by train to Venice and spent time touring the city and enjoying the sights. 

Lucerne is another city that we have visited in the past.  It is such a gorgeous city and one of our favorite places.  The weather was incredible while we were there so we were able to enjoy walking the city and spending time sitting by the lake.  It's a bit early for the flowers on Chapel Bridge, but it is beautiful anyway.

The bridge was built in the 1300s.  Although there was a fire that destroyed 80+ of the 118 paintings on the inside of the bridge, the remaining paintings are beautifully maintained.

As are the paintings on the buildings throughout the Old Town. 

Lake Lucerne with the snowy Alps as a backdrop.

The Dying Lion Monument

These look like wild primrose growing in the lawns.

The top of Mt. Pilatus

While in Lucerne I had the best time meeting up and visiting with a long time blogging friend of mine.  Linds, of Rocking Chair Reflections blog and IG Linds56, happened to be visiting her sister in the area.  She lives in middle England and we have been blogging friends for over ten years.  We sat out by Lake Lucerne and chatted away, having the best time.  It was so nice to meet in real life.

Adjusting to the time since we returned home has allowed some VERY EARLY morning stitching.  What else does one do when they are up at 3 a.m.?  Thank goodness that the sewing studio is on the other side of the house.  More Bloom blocks can be seen on Cheryl's BLOG.  


  1. The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous sky. How wonderful the weather cooperated. The architecture is amazing. I've never been but you allow me to be an armchair traveler. :o) I'd love to wander the markets and sample the food. Your Spring Flowers are so pretty. I sure hope to enjoy real live flowers in my neck of the woods very soon.

  2. An amazing trip and perfect time for making memories. Thank you for sharing the awesome pictures. So beautiful
    How very exciting to meet your blogging friend. Your springtime blocks are fantastic.

  3. Hi Mary boy what beautiful pictures of a stunning town and how wonderful you got to meet a blogging friend. I also love your beautiful blocks,well done my friend xx

  4. What a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

    I'm amazed you managed to make progress on your Bloom, as well as do some international travelling. It is looking good!

  5. Thanks for sharing your great travel photos. It's always fun to see photos of far-off places we probably will never have the chance to see in person. Armchair travelers these days, it seems. Lots of blooms being added to your bouquet. Have a great week!

  6. What a wonderful trip and so nice to meet up with your blogging friend . Thanks for sharing your photos...

    Amazing you got to sew some more lovely BlooMs...

  7. What a wonderful trip, and so fun to see your photos! Now I can Lucerne to the list of places to visit. Glad you are back home and working on your flower blocks; from the flowers of Lucerne to the flowers in your sewing room in California, it's a lovely spring!

  8. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful travel photos. Looks like you had a great trip.

  9. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos...
    And your BLooM blocks are coming along nicely...xox

  10. Looks like a fun trip. So great you got to meet a blogging friend.

  11. Your photos brought back such wonderful memories. The leather shops are wonderful. I still have the bag I bought from there. Thanks so much for taking the photo of the camera case and mentioning Wandering Camera. You some beautiful photos. The bloom blocks are so pretty. Welcome home, Mary :)


  12. How wonderful that you were able to travel to such a beautiful part of the world with your family. I love Florence and Venice, too. Your photos do bring back wonderful memories!

  13. Such lovely photos of your magical trip, Mary. So many beautiful sights for you to drink in and exerience once again. How lovely to catch up with your blogging friend, Linds. Your Bloom blocks are rather lovely.

  14. I so enjoyed your pictures of the architecture and things that caught your eye in Venice. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Wow, it looks like such a fabulous trip and what fun meeting a long time blogging friend. It made me smile when you shared that you were sewing blocks at 3am, love the blocks.

  16. I loved these photos so much. I have always wanted to go to Italy. I would have to ride on the water between the buildings. I also love the architecture.

    Your quilt is going to be so pretty.

  17. How very lovely to visit Florence Italy while your Granddaughter is studying there. I have been to Florence and Venice and both are amazing. Lucerne Switzerland is yet to be a destination for me and your photos make it look wonderful. Such a small world to be able to meet a blog friend while in Switzerland. Your Bloom blocks are very sweet. I may be having a travel bug bite me...hmmm.

  18. So beautiful...thanks for sharing the photos.

  19. What an amazing trip! I love the beautiful pics you!