Friday, March 15, 2019

Can it be Spring?

We've enjoyed a wee warm up for the last few days and I am actually believing that spring may finally be just around the corner for us.

As well as warmer weather, the Peeps are in the stores.  I don't know what happened to the rest of them.  lol

Spring, as usual, means the grandkid's school auction.  That means it was time to make a new 18" doll uniform.  This year I did the skort version instead of the jumper.  Most of the girls now wear the skorts.

We had four little ones while their parents were out of town so there was lots of creative time going on around here.  This little guy was fascinated with counted cross stitch.  He made a lovely tree ornament which I forgot to photograph before he took it home. 

There was make believe time too.  The sweet face of a princess....

I was hoping to get two flowers done this week for the Bloom SAL, but that did not happen.  One will have to do.  Five down and fifteen to go by September.  You can see more at Cheryll's blog HERE.

These fun bee blocks for our Gridster Bee are flying off to Marsha  (IG quilterinmotion).  I'm looking forward to seeing these come together in a quilt. 

These hanging kitchen towels are off to Arizona for Sara as a part of our Sewing with Friends group.  We are doing the hanging towels for each other this year. 

 I had to capture this picture of Rudy on this cushion as it reminded me of Toby doing the same thing when he was just a pup. 


  1. I really like your colour way... it will be a fantastic quilt once we are finished. Thanks for helping to keep me motivated.
    I like all your other projects too by the way... xox

  2. Hmm I wonder where those Peeps would have gone ??
    Busy busy ! But always fun for you to have the little ones and how good the little guy enjoyed doing cross stitch.
    Also you had a sweet princess 👸 sleeping over.
    Fantastic doll s uniform, I wouldn't have the patience to sew some sew small.
    Interesting Bee Block and lovely kitchen towels...
    Your BlooMs are growing beautifully.
    How cute is Ruby .

  3. Glad you got to be with the grands. I haven't seen mine in a very long time.
    I do hope spring gets here quickly. It's still a bit cold around here so warmer weather is needed!!

  4. Hi Mary your doll looks so smart dressed in her uniform.
    Its always fun to spend time with the grandies,loving your blocks,well done my friend xx

  5. Your doll uniform is just too cute! How nice that you’re able to spend quality time with your grands. It looks like everyone had fun. Love your flowers!

  6. Your Bloom blocks look lovely. It is interesting how each person's fabric selections give it a different look.

    Love your grandson trying out counted cross stitch! I've been trying it myself this week for the first time.

    Rudy is adorable on his cushion.

  7. How fun to spend happy times with your grands and how lovely it is warming up for you. Another pretty Bloom SAL flower and those Gridster Bee blocks are neat. Rudy looks very happy sitting sweet.

  8. You've got very pretty blocks stitching up for both the Bloom SAL and the bee. What a precious little pup you've got - Rudy is adorable!!!

  9. Mary, how nice to have the grandchildren all to yourself and to do fun things with them. As usual you are such a busy sewist with your beautiful projects. Love the photos of the doggies. Spring is teasing us as well but we're still under a cover of white stuff.

  10. So many fun projects and Peeps! Yum! I'm trying not to buy them...or the Cadbury eggs till the last minute or I'll eat too many. Ha!
    Your grandkid crew is adorable. How fun to have a cross stitcher in the group.
    Those pups look so sweet on your quilty pillow. I hope you get some stitching in to celebrate the day. Hugs!

  11. With four little ones around all week, I'm amazed you got any sewing done! And now we know what happened to those peeps! Rudy has such a sweet little face, I imagine the grandchildren love him as much as you do. We had one day of spring earlier this week, snowing again this morning.

  12. I love that you do creative things with your grandkids. I think that is my favorite thing to do at my parents. Your blocks look great! I too would love to see all the flying geese blocks together.

  13. love being a grandmaw , And I know you do to. I gave towels for Christmas this past Christmas

  14. You have a busy and fun household. No sitting down with puppies and grandkids and all of the awesome creative activities. Obvious to see why they love grandma's house. :o) Love the look of concentration while cross stitching. Those cactus towels and fabulous. My kids used to like to microwave the Peeps and blow them up. LOL! Happy Spring.

  15. I always love to see your doll clothes making--you are definately a professional! And I enjoyed all the photos of the other activities. What memories you are creating!

  16. The bloom blocks are going well! Seems to be warming up here, too. Sloooowly!

  17. As always, there is never a dull moment around your house. It is so fun to have the kids come and be creative. Love your blocks.

  18. The photo of your dog on the pillow is so darn cute!

    Your 30s quilt is so so pretty. I love the colored borders around the blocks.

    I also enjoyed seeing your sweet grand kids and enjoyed reading about how he wanted to cross stitch.

  19. Such a pretty princess you had visiting you! My girls loved to play dress up all the time...I miss those days. Your flowers are beautiful and that uniform is just the cutest. You amaze me!

  20. Spring is definitely here in all of its glory. It is truly gorgeous here in Spring. Your Grands are so adorable and creative. Love the puppy photos. Very cute School Uniforn for the auction. Enjoying your days of warmth and sunshine and...