Sunday, April 15, 2018

30 Blocks in 30 Days

Have you been following the 30 blocks in 30 days blog hop?  With each passing day of the hop, I think how much I would love to do a full quilt with each block.  Carla is using such wonderful fabrics with each block and I am sure you will be just as excited as I have been about sewing up a few.  Each of these bocks makes a great stand alone quilt, but I think one of each would make an incredible quilt too.  

The block that I have sewn for the blog hop is called Bounce.  Taking into consideration the Tigerlily color of the year, I chose a fabric in that color.  My second color is a low volume in a neutral print.  The blocks went up quickly and in no time at all I had a finished top.  

Instead of batting in this quilt, I added a soft minky type fabric to the back and quilted it together.  I love the nice drape and feel of the piece.  It will make a wonderfully soft and cuddly baby quilt.  

We are now halfway through the 30 days, but you can still follow along as well as catch up on all of the ones that you might have missed.  Here is the schedule and be sure to enter each day for the drawing on Carla's blog, Creatin' in the Sticks.

April 1st

Block 1- 4 Patch
April 2nd

Block 2 - Double Stuffed
April 3rd

April 4th
Block 4 - Dutch Door

April 5th

April 6th
Block 6 - Tacked Up

April 7th
Block 7 - Stripper

April 8th
Block 8 - Staggered

April 9th
Block 9 - Topsy Turvy

April 10th
Block 10 - Chunky Pinwheel

April 11th
Block 11 - Painted WIndow

April 12th
Block 12 - Broken Cinder Block

April 13th
Block 13 - Reaction

April 14th
Block 14 - Median Strip

April 15th
Block 15 - Center of Attention

April 16th

Block 16 - Bounce
April 17th

Block 17 - Sweet Sixteen
April 18th

Block 18 - Yeah Eights
April 19th

Block 19 - Weave
April 20th

Block 20 - Classic
April 21st

Block 21 - Spot
April 22nd

Block 22 - Cross Walk
April 23rd

Block 23 - Opposites Attract
April 24th

Block 24 - Possibility
April 25th

Block 25 - Camper Window
April 26th

Block 26 - Catching Z's
April 27th

Block 27 - Broken Stripes
April 28th

Block 28 - Stockade
April 29th

Block 29 - Dovetail
April 30th

Block 30 - Slow Tee


  1. Cute simple quilt...I never thought about skipping the batting when using minky's.

  2. Beautiful quilt and what a neat idea to put a minky fabric on the back. That is something I still haven't tried.

  3. Love this--such a simple block with so much motion and energy. I'd like to give it a try in batiks.

  4. Cute! The minky on the back will make it fabulous for a baby.

  5. Wonderful! This is soo easy on the eyes

  6. This looks like a fun and easy block, and your baby quilt turned out great!

  7. What a cute quilt! Love the minky on the back too. The flow of the blocks is perfect for the name of the block. Now I want to make a quilt out of that block too! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, Mary, I've wanted to make this quilt and you have brought it to life. It's just perfect in every way and I love that you put minky on the back. I am going to have to try skipping the batting next time I use minky. Thank you for all your encouragement and for jumping into this crazy vision of a blog hop of mine. Your support means so much. THANK YOU!!

  9. I'm loving how these easy blocks make into beautiful quilts. Your fabric choices made a beautiful quilt with his block!

  10. I have so many ideas now Bounc-ing around in my head! :) Fun block and yes, Minky does make a perfect back!!! Great Job!!!

  11. Love the quilt and the minky backing. I have done this before on a few receiving blankets, with flannel on the other side. It's not the easiest fabric to work with since it's so stretchy. I am amazed at the number of grandchildren your 5 children have blessed you with. With one on the way, it averages out to 6 apiece, almost unheard of nowadays. You must be kept very busy sewing for them.
    I may use this pattern for the 10th. great grandchild, a little boy, due in July. It would definitely make an eye catching pattern for a little baby.

  12. What a great design, and I love tiger Lilly 💥

  13. This looks like a good summer pattern - making a quilt without the batting. My new grandbaby needs a couple of summer blankies :)

  14. You've made a stunning baby quilt, looks wonderful :)

  15. Great quilt! Simple, but classic looking.

  16. I love the way it meanders! I wish I could have made the blocks each day they were posted.

  17. Love this block. Just what I was looking for to make a baby quilt

  18. Love the quilt, I need to try the minky backing one of these days!

  19. This is a cute baby quilt, the minky makes it extra soft and cuddly.

  20. This pattern is ideal for a quick baby quilt

  21. Love how this turned out - looks fantastic!
    BTW, I was thinking of you yesterday when out watering my clivias. They're not as happy as they used to be since the neighbor removed three trees. Poor things are getting too much sun. :(

  22. Fun! I'm seeing teals, with blues, thinking rivers!

  23. Beautiful pattern, Mary !And your quilting is fabulous.

  24. Minky is so yummy for baby quilts. And your bounce quilt definitely bounces. Very nice layout.

  25. Love your choice of Tigerlily color and the minky fabric with the jungle animals on the back. I, too, have used minkyfabric on the back of a baby quilt with no other batting. So cuddly.

  26. Hi Such a beautiful quilt and it will be so soft with the minky backing it,well done my friend on a beautiful finish xx

  27. I like the movement the block provides.

  28. Cool! Looks like a pixelated chevron. Love it.

  29. Looks like a really soft and cuddly quilt!

  30. Love the Catch the Wave block. Very nice and simple. Great Charity quilt.

  31. I would love to snuggle in this sweet quilt with the soft minky backing. How fun to finish it in such a quick time. We have Snow and Sunshine today. The Snow is sparkling like pretty. Happy Spring...<3

  32. What a beautiful quilt! It looks almost like a Bargello. Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  33. Turned out wonderfully and I just know that backing fabric is just the right touch. I have not thought of doing that but just might on my next one.

  34. What a nice way to put your quilt together. Minky is so soft. I like how the block you made created such a lovely quilt design.

  35. Ooh I bet that is so nice to cuddle with! Thanks for sharing.

  36. What a sweet quilt, Mary! Done in blue, it would look like waves.


  37. Great idea with minky on back! Pretty quilt! Thank you, Susan

  38. A lovely pattern make into a sweet cuddles quilt.

  39. Thirty blocks in 30 days--no wonder you get so much done! It reminds me of that writing a novel thing in November. I do know someone who did that, and got it published. As for me, we just keep admiring all that you do, including this cute quilt. Way to go!

  40. Gorgeous...and it's got that wonderful vintage feel!

  41. Your quilt will make a baby very happy! I had not heard of this blog hop before...I've been a bit distracted.

  42. love this quilt. It looks like its cheering you on by doing the wave. Such fun, As a baby quilt terrific with minky.