Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Temperature Quilt QAL Update

Month one is down and we are now well into the second month of our Temperature Quilt QAL.  I hope everyone is keeping up AND enjoying the process as we move into February.  We have had exceptionally warm temperatures in our area and my month of colors definitely reflects that fact.  I even had to move into the real reds this past week.  I was able to add the second row to my first and I am really enjoying the secondary block that appears when the two rows come together.

We do need a bit more winter and definitely more rain before our rainy season ends next month.  If you are sewing along with us, how are your colors?  Be sure to check out the other participants on IG at #sistempquilt18 #tempquilt2018 and #temperaturequilt2018

Slowly, but surely, my On Ringo Lake quilt has come together.  I had it all spread out on the living room floor as that was the only place big enough to put it all down.  Thus, I HAD to work on it to clean up the floor!  Good planning, right????  Sewing in bits and spurts, I finally finished it yesterday.  I really love the way it turned out.  Now...to get it quilted.

Of course, all was not easy sailing with a pup who thought the new flooring was quite interesting.  Need I say that there were many pieces displaced in a short amount of time?

The weather has been so warm and inviting all to enjoy the great outdoors.  The roses, despite still blooming, needed to be pruned and sprayed for the year.  Three days later over 100 bushes are done.  Doesn't it look "wintery" now???  lol

A few more blooms from the garden...

We took a stroll on the beach and were amazed at all of the debris that has washed down from the recent rains and slides post fire.

The tide was out and Toby enjoyed the tide pools.

A bit more emergency sewing went on here.  A special little one lost her first tooth.

Our Gridster Bee Queen this month is Elizabeth and her request was for food basket blocks.  She provided the food fabrics and we made the rest with our choice of fabrics.

I've had some really fun mail lately.  The first comes from Sherry.  I had remarked about the darling Mah Jongg fabric that she was using to create cute little origami coin bags.  I was completely surprised and delighted when one arrived in my mail.  The little purse is like a puzzle!  She placed a shiny copper penny in one pocket and it ends up in BOTH pockets when they are opened.

Five of us formed a group called Sewing With Friends a few years ago.  We have done row robins and round robins in the past and this year we are swapping fabric postcards.  This one arrived from Lynette.  The colors are so pretty and the construction is perfect.

Is everyone looking forward to the Olympics?  What is your favorite event.  It's a tough choice between the ice skating and skiing for me.


  1. WOW! Your "On Ringo Lake" quilt is amazing. Love seeing the beautiful flowers. Awesome puzzle bag. Yes, I am looking forward to the Olympics. Figure skating was always my favorite. However, the past few years I love watching the down hill skiing.

  2. But your little helper is so adorable! :o) On Ringo Lake is really amazing. It may be February still but our irises are peeking out of the ground already. Oh happy day to see Spring coming to life. :o)

  3. Oh I wish we had your weather. 3" of snow on the ground and we are expecting more daily. Lovely projects. Hugs

  4. Hi Mary!
    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful Ringo Lake quilt and of course your post was made even better with the adorable Toby. Say "Hi" to him from the Pug Boys! Thanks for posting some flower pictures. We have mud and snow and ice.

    Thanks also for your blog comments on my blog. They don't show up in my email. I still have to go and search for them.

    Pugs and kisses,

  5. Seeing your temperature blocks made me realize that mine haven’t been started yet! Hopefully soon! Your ORL is beautiful! And your flowers are gorgeous. It’s still cold, cold, cold here. Thank you for your visit to my blog!

  6. Your temp quilt is coming along. I finished up January yesterday and cut out the first few days of Feb this evening. Your On Ringo lake fabulous. Great to see your quilt helper too. My ORL stalled out, due to other things on step 2. I think I am still sewing flying geese. Gorgeous flowers, and the little pouch is cute. Lately I am enamored with the fabric post cards.

  7. Looks like you have had a busy month. Love your On Ringo Lake...aren't four-legged "helpers" wonderful.

  8. You've been very busy! I'm still plugging along on my temperature quilt blocks. The recent travel and my daughter's visit has taken me away from the sewing machine. I love the colors in your ORL and the food baskets blocks are fun.

  9. Oh i do envy your warm temps--snow, freezing rain, rain then MORE snow here forcasted today!! I am so DONE with snow!! Your On Ringo is spectacular--all those little pieces and seam crossings--you did a beautiful job on it.
    Hugs, Julierose

  10. Mary your warm weather is really confusing all the flowers that are blooming so beautifully. Your roses must be divine! I am thrilled that you like your Mahjong Origami coin purse. Lovely fabric postcard. Our rain dance isn’t working...so very dry here in the Sacramento area. All of your quilting is amazing and that little Tooth Fairy pillow is precious. Happy Valentine’s Dear...xo

  11. You are are really stitching away! Send me some of your energy please....;-)

  12. First off, I agree with Rhonda's comment--reading about your accomplishments, however, does give me inspiration to get going on some of my projects.

    I love your Ringo Lake--such a beauty! And that's another quilt on which a quilter has to be persistent with all those tiny moving parts. But what a masterpiece when it's finished. Fun also to see your temperature quilt taking shape. Yes, not enough rain here, for sure!

    Thanks again for my food baskets--so fun to be the queen bee!

  13. (PS. Ask Sherry for the how-to's on her origami coin purse!)

  14. Your temperature quilt looks really good. I might have to try one like that when I finish my current hexagon one in May.

    Love your Ringo Lake. And the pup! And your beautiful orchids.

  15. You are one busy lady with all that sewing going on. I love, love your Ringo Lake...beautiful! The walk on the beach shows so much more of the damage. Sad!

  16. Your pup looks adorable on the beautiful quilt. Wow! 100 rose bushes?! That must have kept you busy. The tooth fairy pillow is beautiful!! The Mah Jongg fabric and the food fabrics are fun, I specially like the egg one. The Mah Jongg bag is intriguing too! The postcard is beautiful. Do you display your fabric postcards? Another wonderful post, Mary!