Friday, December 15, 2017

Mid December Stitching

Life seems to be settling down a bit from the crazy pace of the last few months.  The days are drawing closer and I'm finding a few spare moments here and there for some stitching.  There is something relaxing about the time spent sewing.

I still have a few small projects to finish before Christmas, but I hope to get those done in the next few days.  Meanwhile, sewing a few minutes at a time helps to get the clues to the Bonnie Hunter Quiltville Mystery, On Ringo Lake, done.  I have managed to keep up - so far.  Clue #4 came out today and I had to give it a try.  I love these pieces - both the design and the colors.

The last few weeks have used the salmon color so I was happy to move away from that color.

A friend of mine had started a lovely quilt for her newest grandson.  She did such a nice job on the applique and was in the process of hand quilting it, but has been knocked down a bit by some medical problems.  Knowing she was not going to be able to complete it for Christmas, she asked if I would machine quilt the borders for her to finish it off.  I wish that I had the time to hand quilt it to complement her work, but the quilt is now finished and ready to be gifted.

It's hard to believe that the year is almost over and my Temperature Quilt is now in its final days.  November was a colorful one with some record breaking temperatures.  December has been exceptionally warm too.  I don't know why my one blue is showing up so dark in the photos, but I'll try to capture the whole year when the lighting is better.  It surely looks different from my sister's geese since she lives in Alaska.  You can see hers at IG alaskanquilter.

Puppy time is also consuming a lot of my free time.  One of us is definitely getting trained.  This little guy is such a love and wants to be wherever I am at all times.  Writing my Christmas cards, he was right there with a nose on my knee.

Sewing.....he sleeps in his bed right next to the sewing machine.

Computer time??? lol  It's tough to use the keyboard when he is sleeping on my wrist.

I'd say he is adjusting to his new home quite well.

The Thomas fire is still burning in our area with nearly 1000 structures now burned down and two deaths - one of a young firefighter yesterday.  Full containment is not expected until January 7th.  Our quilt guild and many others are joining the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild in making blocks for quilts for the victims.  It is an easy block to make if anyone is interested in participating.  This is from their website.


  1. Precious Puppy Love. Sewing really does help relax us. Prayers continue for the fires to be put out. Such sadness for so many. Bless you Mary for sewing quilt blocks for fire victims. Merry Christmas Dear...xo

  2. What a sweet Puppy. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures together. I suspect this puppy is going to become a great quilting puppy. I certainly hope you snap photos and share in the Annual Pets on Quilts Show hosted every summer by Snoodles of Lily Pad Quilting.

    My heart and prayers to all those impacted by the fires. I think your area has been impacted the worst so far. I will happily help. Thanks for the insights on call for blocks. I'll also try to help increase awareness.


  3. Your Bonnie Hunter Mystery blocks look great..Oh you clever girl getting a start on clue 4..I will later today.
    A sweet quilt for your friends GS and nice of you to help her finish it.
    How cute is your fur baby.. Love the photos of him...
    I would love to make some blocks for the Thomas Fire Relief Quilts...
    Such a dreadful fire...

  4. Your new fur baby is precious! He does a lot more sleeping than our new guy, and I suspect he may be younger. They sure are a love! Thanks for the info for the fire victims quilt blocks. I'll try to have our quilt ministry make some and send them out in early January.

  5. You are doing better than I am with the mystery clues. I haven’t done one bit of clue 3 or 4, but it will happen. The baby quilt you finished for your friend is adorable. How nice of you to help her out. Those fires are so scary. Hopefully they will be contained sooner than Jan 7.

  6. Your little puppy looks RIGHT at home. Thank you for the info about quilt blocks. What a tragedy this fire is for so many.

  7. I am loving yourMystery units! Great fabrics and you are doing awesome at keeping up! Will continue to pray that there is an end to those horrific fires.

  8. My gosh you fit a lot into one blog post! What an adorable little puppy. I will try to get a couple of quilt blocks made today and sent off. I can't imagine the horror of uncontrolled fire. There's a fire in the Black Hills right now, and we were just there a couple of months ago, my original home area. However, it's mostly in a state park, with few structures and few people affected. Still . . . Praying for rain and snow for all!!

  9. Your work is beautiful and the mystery is coming right along. So sad - those fires, I will look into helping with some blocks thanks for sharing that and your sweet puppy photos.

  10. You have caught some good moments for your sewing. A lot accomplished in those bits of time. The baby quilt is sweet and will surely comfort both the baby and the quiltmaker.
    I love seeing all the mystery components coming together.
    My sister's surgery recovery has had some snafus and no sewing has been happening here. She is on track now though and I think I might kickstart my mojo by sewing some blocks for that Ventura guild. Those fires have sure got our attention. Heartbreaking how the course of so many families is now changed. I'm praying for their comfort and courage to move forward wisely and with as much support from the rest of us that can help

  11. Awe your puppy is so very cute. Kind of reminds me of Bobbin, but Bobbin is a rebel when it comes to some training. Your mystery quilt is looking great, I am still working on 2. Can't wait to see your temperature quilt as well as your sisters, they are so fun. So the fire quilt do they want a certain color for the blocks?

  12. You were so kind to help your friend with that adorable quilt. I'm sure she appreciated it! That little puppy is adorable and looks like he will definitely be a lover. My dog lays on my arm when I'm on the computer, too. It's hard to get much blogging done with him there. I just saw that the Thomas fire was shifting inland. I hope that won't affect you. Be safe!

  13. You are always very busy, Mary...beautiful works there. Puppy is s so sweet..hope that fire gets over sooner than later!

  14. The warmth and love of a pup is the best. He's certainly settled in and knows who loves him. Love his bed. What a darling quilt for your friend's grandson. I think your talents and hers made a warm and cozy quilt. Stay safe from those fires. When tragedy strikes, quilters get busy sharing the love!

  15. Sweet puppy--enjoy.

    Your ORL units look great.

  16. I am loving the prints and colours you picked for your mystery quilt. I hope your friend gets well soon. The quilt is so cute! It will be interesting to see your temperature quilt all together. Puppy is sooooo cute! How are you ever getting anything done?!! The fire has been so horrible this year, I feel drained even thinking about it. Our furry little ones are just perfect during these stressful times. Happy Holidays, Mary!


  17. After reading this post, I feel like I've had a great visit with you. That puppy is really cute and I love how he has really adopted you and likes to be with you. What a sweetie.

    Your temperature quilt is looking fine, and I love what you did on the borders for your friend's quilt. Did you do that on the domestic machine, since she'd already quilted some of it?

    Love the idea of the patchwork for those affected by the Thomas fire. Since we are having a quiet Christmas--maybe I'll get to some?

    Merry Christmas!

  18. What a cute puppy! Love your temperature quilt! I so love flying geese!