Friday, April 17, 2015

A Bit of Everything

Since I don’t have much sewing that I can share yet I will show you what the week was like around here.
We escaped for a few days to Carmel By The Sea with my sister, brother and their spouses.  It was beautiful – warm and sunny.  Often it is foggy and cold so this was a welcomed change for us. 


I was certain that this charming little house must have belonged to a quilter with the wonderful roof.  In researching it, we discovered it is called Casita de Lemos after the owner of the home who was an artist, architect, printer and apparently creative individual.  I still think it would be a great home for a quilter. 

Carmel 019

We drove up Hwy 1 on our way north and the ocean views were spectacular.  There is one location along the journey that is home to the elephant seals.  The males have already headed north, but the females and the juveniles are in the molting stage on the beach.  There are seals for as far as you can see.

Carmel 006

With our very dry and warm winter, our tortoises came out of hibernation early.  That also meant that the female tortoise laid her eggs early too. 

Head in………

Carmel 004

egg out…….

Carmel 005

She generally lays around seven eggs.  We had to leave shortly after the first egg was out and she had them all buried when we checked on her next.  Incubation takes 90-120 days.

It’s a busy weekend ahead for us with several birthdays in the family.  It should be a fun one. 


  1. When I lived in CA I loved going to Carmel by the Sea. That house roof certainly can be a quilters!

  2. How exciting. What exactly is seal molting?

  3. What a great trip. Beautiful country and so interesting to see the seals and the tortoise laying her eggs.

    Cool roof on that house, too!

  4. i would love to send some of this rain to you out there. we are floating!
    Blogger is messing up my comments and not sending some to me so i am checking my blogs and noticed you had left one.

  5. I like the pictures you made! And "quilter's house" is wonderful :) I've never seen tortoises in they natural places of living, only in Zoo and pet shops. Thank you for sharing!

  6. What fun. You lucked out with oodles of elephant seals, far more than I've ever seen when in the area.

    Way cool that your turtle has layed eggs. I look forward to seeing pictures of the baby turtles.


  7. wow!!! That house is something else, isn't it! and I love your tortoise. My grandsons had one, but unfortunately, it didn't live more than 3 years. so neat to see it with eggs.

  8. Sew pleased you had lovely weather for your trip. Fabulous photos and I love that house. I agree it looks like a quilters house.....
    Nice to be home again and I look forward to seeing your parties for the BDs.

  9. We honeymooned in Carmel by the Sea and loved it. We'd love to go back, but it's too far to drive and we just do not like to fly. I'm hoping that maybe we'll decide to bite the bullet and fly anyway ... it'd be worth it, I think.

  10. Carmel IS such a beautiful location! Glad you were able to go. Look forward to hearing about babies hatching at your house. ;) Our little one is doing GREAT.

  11. That is such a beautiful part of our country. We need to visit there again soon.
    Is that tortoise in your yard?

  12. there is nothing like a holiday to sweep you off your feet...lovely pics

  13. That is such a lovely vacation route. I am glad to hear that you had wonderful time.

    The roof of Casita de Lemos does look like a patchwork!!


  14. It looks fabulous. How wonderful to be able to witness the turtle laying her eggs !

  15. Wonderful trip, Mary. And this house is so inspiring. Lovely !!!!

  16. You have some fun things going on! Turtles, seals, and a little vacation time are well deserved excitement for you. We had a turtle in our backyard last year. It really freaked out our dog for awhile. You look so nice in your family picture :-)

  17. Love reading about your time away with your family. That cottage is so cute. Yes I think it's a quilter's house too - Hugs Nat