Monday, January 21, 2013

A Break from the Activity

DH and I managed to slip away for a few weeks following all of the wonderful entertaining and busyness over the last few months.  It is a wonderful time to travel because there are so few people doing it at this time of the year.   The travel deals are terrific and we were lucky enough to hit the weather perfectly.

We slipped in and out of London before the snows started to fall.  Heaven knows what could have happened to our plans had we been a day later leaving.

We visited with our dear friends who recently moved to the village of Finchingfield – northeast of London.  It was just delightful, although the visit was way too short.  The weather was chilly, but sunny and we enjoyed walking about the village, taking in the sights and feasting on some sausage and mash at the local pub.  I love how the houses have names instead of numbers.  I cannot imagine the task of the postmen, but they do a great job.  A few pictures to share……






I loved the ducks on the roof - also made of the thatching materials.



The pub where we enjoyed one of our meals.

The village green.

Returning home we came the slow route aboard the Queen Victoria.  It left from Southampton, headed to New York.  It was the first leg of a world cruise and the majority of the passengers were boarding in N.Y.  Since we were getting off in N.Y., they upgraded our room to a suite and it was fabulous.  I would have liked to have stayed on as it headed on its way only to return to Southampton April 29th.  But........we enjoyed eight days of relaxation, doing whatever we wanted.  Some of the fun things on board included classes, lectures, dancing and high tea at 3:30 each afternoon – an event NOT to be missed


UK 1118
Our suite with a huge balcony.

UK 1124
Southampton, England at dusk.

UK 1131
A fabulous firework display for us as the world cruise left port in England.

UK 1134

UK 1149
Grand Lobby as we entered the vessel.

UK 1150
Grand Lobby

Sunsets each evening from our balcony.

Line dancing class......what a blast each morning!! 

Enjoying another sunset.

Ahhhh....warm scones, clotted cream, raspberry jam and THEN a whole assortment of sweets.  Fabulous and something I could easily get used to in life.

UK 1157
First sights of land after eight days - the Verrazano bridge at dawn.

UK 1162
Lady Liberty.  She came upon us so quickly and my camera setting was off, but she is a spectacular sight in the darkness.  One cannot help but think about the meaning she has had for so many immigrants over the years.


Arriving in Manhattan rather than Staten Island because of Hurricane Sandy.  The deck chairs were not quite as inviting in the chilly 31* temperatures.

It was another wonderful adventure, but it always feels great to get back home - back to family.  We missed the freezing temperatures our area experienced while we were away.  This week we are at the opposite end of the spectrum with temps into the 80s for the week. 
I will post later this week with some fun mail I received while we were gone and some sewing I did along the way.  I see that Blogger is still not playing nicely so I will have to figure out a better way to post my pictures.  There is always something new to learn, isn't there????  


  1. Wow, I now know where you have been. Will be back to look at photo carefully after my morning walk - xoxo

  2. Beautiful village and fabulous cabin, thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. What a fabulous trip! Your pictures are beautiful. I hope you got lots of rest and relaxation.

  4. I'm back and enjoy all your photos. I have never been on a cruise. Too worry I will be stuck there for too ong, but your photos almost changed my mind! Isn't UK beautiful? We lived there for a few years and loved loved it. That high tea, oh so inviting. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday with us. I have been missing you - Hugs Nat

  5. Oh Mary, lucky, luck you!!! It looks like a dream vacation. Boy did I enjoy your photos, I've been longing to go to Great Britain, specifically Scotland. I'll get there someday. Glad you are home safe, and that you had a wonderful time.

  6. I'm so envious. It's obvious that you had a wonderful time, seeing the sites, dining, spending those days on the cruise. Such a memorable time for you and your hubbie, and thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  7. What a wonderful trip and spectacular photos.

  8. Oh my GOSH everything looks so beautiful aunt Mare. I am so jealous! I didn't realize you guys left the country, thought it was one of your road trips. Wow, just wow!

  9. Wowza Mary! I so enjoyed all of your crystal clear photos and telling of your journey. London is somewhere I want to visit and sailing on the Queen - what fun. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a wonderful journey Mary. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. WOW!!! Great pictures!! So glad you had a great time!!!

  12. Wow, what a wonderful trip! I'm so glad for you and what a blessing the upgrade to the suite was!

    If you are using a desktop or laptop non-Apple computer, try downloading Windows Live Writer (free) -- I use it for nearly all my blog posts. Photos upload very quickly and I rarely have trouble sending my posts to my blogger account!

  13. Wow Mart. What a wonderful trip thank you for sharing such great pictures and welcome back.

  14. I enjoyed coming along with you to visit the beautiful village of Finchingfield.
    OMGoodness what a fabulous way to travel home..
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos..
    Mary have you tried Windows Live Writer for your posts??
    I have used it for some time and have had no problems loading photo etc...

  15. This must have been a wonderful trip Mary! The village looks so neat and then to take the cruise and have that beautiful!! I'm glad you are back and you are probably a line dance expert now!

  16. I enjoyed every photo you shared.

    When I saw the photo of the lobby - I was thinking "Poseidon Adventure" movie. STUNNING!

  17. Mary that ship - it's another world. How fortunate to be upgraded and the sea is so calm.
    As for Finchingfield, just about know every inch of it. And how Blessed you were to have our one and only sunny day with blue skies.
    I should have come and sat in the car and waved!The two American bloggers I took to that pub ordered sausage & mash too.
    One great trip and must not forget the eggs at £1 per 1/2 doz!

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful time! That village reminds me of Hampstead - what a pretty place! I bet you'd do that again in a heartbeat!

  19. Beautiful pictures Mary, did you like the cruise? We have been thinking about one lately; never done it.

    Thanks for visiting and for your great comments

  20. Wow!!! Great pictures, Mary!! Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday with us. I am so glad you had a great time!!!

  21. WHAT A TRIP !!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for the pictures...and the QV too.....

  22. Oh boy....sure looks like a wonderful trip for sure. Thanks so much for sharing those photos...I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity to cruise on the at least I know what it looks like :)


  23. Everything looks wonderful! I'm glad you had such a fantastic trip! :0)

  24. WOW what a trip Mary. I haven't been to England in decades so your pictures brought back some lovely memories. Your cruise looked fabulous and to be upgraded to a suite with a balcony that is the only way to travel on a ship. I have to say I've never been on one but the thought of being stuck in a small cramped room doesn't sound appealing. High tea is such a lovely tradition, most enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your vacation.

  25. How wonderful to get away with your favorite guy and also to visit with good friends. I so enjoyed your photos and although all the England photos are lovely, none is so lovely a sight as Lady Liberty in NY harbor.........Welcome Home! You were missed in blogland!

  26. Oh my goodness...what fabulous pictures and room...what a glorious time.

  27. Looking at your pics again, thanks for stopping by today Mary; it is fun getting together with the girls.

  28. What a fantastic trip! The village scenes look so inviting, it makes me nostalgic. That ship was to drool over, and your suite was fabulous! I'm glad you had a great time, thanks for sharing.

  29. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures of your fabulous trip. I'm so happy for you. Looks like it was delightful.

  30. Oh my goodness, it sounds like a truly wonderful trip!! I love how the houses have names too, although I have only read about that in books and movies of course. Doesn't it just make you want to come up with a name for your home?

  31. What a lovely trip! Thank you so much for taking me with you! Cheers!

  32. This looks like such a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing your fabulous pictures.

  33. I spy quilt inspiration in the grand lobby of the vessel. Hope you're rejuvenated and ready to start new projects!

  34. Gosh, what an incredible trip!! I'm sure you enjoyed it to the fullest!! You got some fabulous photos to help keep the wonderful memories alive--thank you for sharing!! :)

  35. That looks like a great trip! I still haven't been over the pond yet. It's on my bucket list and that looks like a great way to come home.