Wednesday, May 23, 2012

.....and the Beat Goes on....

and on...and on.

I am still around, but there has not been much computer time lately.  I can't believe that it has been nearly a month since my last post.  Lots has happened in the last month so I will only catch up on small bits of it. 

My mom had surgery several weeks ago and her recovery involves two months of bedrest so there have been many hours sitting in hospital rooms.  She had a rough start, but things are looking up and she is doing pretty well.

May is always a crazy month for our family with six birthdays, two anniversaries, Mother's Day, final school year events and the such.  This year we also added several bridal showers and a couple of business trips.

First Communion party

Glass flowers hanging from the ceiling at the hotel we stayed in for business in San Antonio

A side trip visit to Hoover Dam on business in Nevada

The new bridge that was built to avoid any terrorist attacks at the dam itself.

Chocolate wafer cake in a giant "R" shape

Work in the sewing department has been next to nil.  To tell you how bad it got, when I walked into my studio over the weekend I walked into a cobweb!!!

I did manage to finish my May mug rug for the swap and my mini quilt swap.  Both were mailed off and I received word that the mini has arrived at its new home.

Birthday mug rug for a friend

May mug rug swap

Mother's Day postcard for my mom

Mini Swap quilt went to Wendy in Montana

Awhile back I was asked by Jeanne Gwin (at The Learning Curve~Quilts and Such) to participate in a fun quiltalong with eleven other talented quilters.  We are all working out of the same book, but working on different quilts from the book.  This is my completed top.  I will write up a review on the book and show you the completed quilt shortly.

Of course the garden also beckons at this time of the year.  There is lots that needs to be done out there, but there are some wonderful blooms going on as well.

Blooming cactus

Blooming orchid

This final flower is a Streptocarpus from my father.  The freeze got to the plant this year, but I managed to salvage one leaf and got it to root.  I now have the first bloom on it and hope to have many more.

After watching four grandchildren for a weekend a few weeks back I found that my blocks had been rearranged.  I loved this and guess it says it all!

I apologize to all for not being around to visit much.  I will do it more as time allows.  I thank all of you who have e-mailed me to see if I was "okay" while I wasn't posting.  Blogging friends are wonderful!!


  1. Best wishes for your mom's swift and complete recovery. You are a very busy lady but manage to accomplish so much. Your small swap quilt is gorgeous. Love the little one you did from the book too. I need to program my time better. :o)

  2. I'm glad to hear that you have been having fun and keeping busy! I hope your mom gets better soon :-) Your quilting projects are all awesome!!

  3. Glad you are well and that your mom is improving also.

  4. It's ARE wonder woman! Hope your mom has a good recovery. Two months of bed rest is hard on everyone!

    Sweet first communion picture! You have such great looking grands!

    And I love the quilted mug you made for your mom....sweet!

    And not only can you quilt beautifully, grandparent with ease you ALSO have a green thumb??? When they were passing out the creativity, you got a big portion.

    Good to see you back!

  5. Mary, so glad you are back and you have showered us with lots of photos of what you have been doing! Yay! Best wishes for your Mom's good health and please don't stay away so long next time. Love the mug rugs and the flowers and all the surprises!

  6. Mary, I don't know how you packed everything in! You are a super Mum, Grand-mum and to me a super woman! Wishing your mum a quick recovery - Hugs

  7. Nice to read your Mum is doing well...
    I know what you mean about a busy month.....
    Thanks for sharing all your great photos.. Love the glass flowers..
    You have keep busy stitching and your garden is looking pretty too.

    Nice the way the blocks were rearranged...

  8. Glad your mom is recuperating well. I love your flowers.

  9. LIFE happens, doesn't it??! I know - the days fly by and then I look back and realise that this is my life, and I have loved all the side events and distractions too. And the good happens alongside the bad. I am so glad to hear that your Mum is making progress - 2 months of bed rest will be difficult, I am sure, but hopefully she will feel a great deal better at the end of it all.
    I can't believe you still managed to sew anything at all! Time. Maybe you should write a book about time management for the busy Grandmother. Hmm. I think that is an excellent idea. We all need help!

  10. I find it amusing that your live feed says I'm visiting from Corapolis, PA when in reality, I don't even live in PA. Makes no difference, I enjoy your blog. Have a good one.

  11. It's scary how time just flies by and you come back to your blog and it's been a month or longer since you have posted. I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers for a complete and successful recovery.

    Too funny about the cobweb in your sewing studio. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your travels and the lovely flowers.

  12. WOW, you have been busy and looks like a lot of fun too!!
    I really like your mothers card...very creative!!
    Thanks for posting the pictures..
    and great looking cake for the first communion!!

  13. Hope your Mom is better soon!! I love the mug rugs and I love the blocks. Yes, that says it all.

  14. Glad to hear you mom is doing better. Hope she has a speedy recovery.
    My you have a green thumb a flower from a leaf you rescued. WOW!!!
    Glad to have you back.

  15. Mary,

    Lots of going on, for sure -- but you certainly are blessed among the blessed.

    Love that postcard for your Mom!

  16. Hope your mom gets to feeling better. I just love the Hoover dam!

  17. Thanks for being so quick to stop by! I'm not the only one who hasn't been posting. Even when I have an idea of something to write, I can't seem to get my brain together to get the words down.

    My goodness, what a lot you have been doing! And your idea of not much sewing seems like a lot to me!

    Your flowers are lovely. Our irises are so gorgeous this year. The wind took some of them down this afternoon - Boo!

    We're heading to Maine again in July, this time taking Hayley with us. She's beyond excited. But it seems that we'll miss L again! We need to coordinate our travel schedules, it seems. Probably the same reason as last year - the trip to Tennessee, maybe?

  18. You have been busy indeed! I especially love the postcard you made for your mum and the mini-quilt you sent to Wendy.

    I wish your mum a full recovery.

    BTW, I have just read all your posts from 1 March forward; sorry I didn't comment on them all but at least I'm now up to date! Hurrah for a faster internet connection!

  19. you HAVE been busy! wow!!!
    Praying for your mom! Hope she is well now!!!
    such a cool post card!
    The months just fly by! ughhhhhhh

  20. What a fun filled post....

    Glad your mom is doing okay. Hope she has a speedy recover.

  21. good job on the civil war quilt. cakes and everything else looks great too :-)

  22. There have been a lot of things going on in your world! The flowers are beautiful!!

  23. Goodness, no grass grows under those feet of yours! Such a traveler! Thank you for taking the time to share! You have such a wonderful family! What a fun busy May it must have been! Lovely projects you have been working on! Keep well! Cheers!

  24. Best wishes on your mom's recovery, family should always come first over blogging. I really can't believe you walked into a cobweb in your sewing room :) Beautiful projects, just love the mini swap quilt!

  25. You have been busy. Sorry to hear about your Mom but good to hear she is on the mend. I loved your projects especially the mini quilt that you sent to Montana.

  26. Fun communion cake. The ceiling hangings look interesting too.

  27. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Neat post. I've never heard of a streptocarpus. What is it? Thanks

  28. I always enjoy your post with pictures of your family. Love love the topper.