Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's a good thing that February has one extra day this year because it has arrived much too quickly for my likes.  How about yours?

Of course a new month also means that the new BOMs and swaps are out and the fun begins all over again.  Surprisingly, the It Takes 2 blocks are only two blocks this time.  I did finish my second set of blocks and look forward to a lighter load this round.  Building the house was a tad challenging with the set in Y seams. 

I mailed off my Valentines mug rug to my secret partner so I can show it to you.  If anyone wants to jump in for this swap, you can still join.  It's one mug rug a month for the months with holidays and lasts one year.

Then I made another for a friend who loves cats.

As well, Judy (no Blog) and I swapped accessory bags.  She sent me the most gorgeous beg and it was packed full of fabulous goodies for sewing.  I love everything about the beautifully made bag and Judy spoiled me with all of the fin things inside.  I don't know if she follows my blog, but if so, thank you soooo much.

This is the bag I sent Judy.
 I finally finished the December Birdie Stitches block.  Thank you, Terry, for the great tree design.  These are the last three blocks and now I can assemble the quilt. 

We've had lots of fun grandbaby time this week as well.  One little one celebrated his first birthday.

A little fun balloon time.
 Is there a better way to show a picture of a quilt than this?

Well....tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  Will the groundhog see his shadow in your neck of the woods?  He will be seeing it here.  I wonder what the percentage is of his being correct?  I'm sure we could "google" the answer.


  1. I'm in shock that it is Feb. already too. It seems like yesterday that I was trying to decide what to wear to the wedding on Jan. 7. I'm glad for the extra day too.
    As far as the groundhog goes, we always have 6 more weeks of winter, lol!!

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Your last three birdie blocks look great! :0)

  3. I think I read somewhere that he has only been right 30% of the time. ;-)

    Love your blue/brown blocks! I have one done, and need to get busy this month and caught up! LOL

    Happy 1st birthday to your DGS! Love the photo's!

    Have a happy February!

  4. Yep it's February already! I love the color combo of your Takes 2 blocks. I bet you are having fun with them. Cute Valentines mug rug too. Good idea for the swap - Hugs Nat

  5. Yes; how did Feb get here?? I love all of your projects; the first set of blocks are very them!! The mug rugs; adorable!! all of it....

  6. Love your Birdie Stitches blocks! I just finished a couple runners using the same fabrics! Looks like I'm not the only one who had some grandchildren around lately :)

  7. Enjoyed seeing the little ones....I love all of your projects. I have one birdie block left, don't know what is keeping me from doing it? Loved yours..

  8. It is hard to believe that it is February already. And you have been very busy. Great work.

  9. You have been busy! And I seem to remember you have won something on a blog I follow too!

    Happy 1st birthday to the little one - and you're right, there's no better way to photograph a quilt than to have it warming someone.

  10. I want to know where January went??? Seems like it is going to be another fast year.
    Your blocks look great and so do the Mug Rugs.
    Lovely bag and goodies you received from Judy and I like the bag you have made for her.
    Happy First Birthday to the little one.Looks like fun was had with the balloons.
    Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How Cute is the new baby with his quilt.

  11. Lovely projects...well done. And beautiful grandchildren! Our little grandson is celebrating his 1st birthday at our house this excited!

  12. Yes at this rate it will be Christmas before we know it...again! Love those mug rugs! All your projects are so nice! Fun bag you received!!!

  13. Awed by your quilts once, love, love the new baby under the quilt!!!

  14. I always tell are so blessed just look at those sweet faces!
    ....and have to comment about Just Takes Two...I love the colorway you chose! It catches my eye!!

  15. Cute grandbabies! well done on finishing your Birdie Stitches. Just Takes 2 blocks are lovely.

  16. YEp, it's the 2nd already - time just flies. Whether we're having fun or not!

    We usually have the most of our winter after the ground hog sees his shadow - although today it's really cloudy, so don't know if it he did or not.

    You are making more lovely things, and winning lovely contests.

    Cute little grands!

    I heard Louise doesn't get to be with you this week-end after all - sad.

  17. I can't believe it's already February! The mug rugs look really cute and the grand-babies even cuter :) Have a great day!

  18. I also wondered where Jan went.
    Yes we are going to have 6 more weeks,and I hope it is like what we had in Jan. Today is 57 right now but they are calling for rain/snow tonight through Sat. Not looking forward to that.
    I love those mug rugs.
    Your grands are so adorable.

  19. Grandbabies are perfect! Love your Birdie Stitches final will be so cute all together. Mine is being quilted by a pro right now. You are doing great on your Just Takes Two blocks. I will be starting once I get home in March - hope I can catch up.

  20. Love your color choices in the It Takes 2 blocks!

  21. I can't believe that January has already come and gone! Your It Takes 2 blocks are wonderful! Love the colors. Your mug rugs are just adorable as is the bag you made for Judy. All of your Birdie Stitches blocks are so cute. I look forward to seeing them all together. I am still 5 months behind on those. Lots of sunshine here for Mr Groundhog to see his shadow.

  22. Gosh I don't know what is keeping me from catching up on my JustTakes2 blocks but I'm glad we have a breather this month. Love, love, love the Kitty Mug Rug! And the needlework is lovely......your "model" down at the bottom is a doll and you are right....the best way to show off your work!

  23. ummm...what quilt?? What a cutie!!
    Balloon time-LOVE IT!! I used to tie extra ribbon on the balloons (we had 12' ceilings) and they would just float all over the house. The little ones just loved it when they would bounce off of the ceiling and they could pull them back down. Your birdie block are going to make a FANTASTIC quilt, can't wait!! What a fun bag, noticed the Dove in the bag-definately a *need* for the accessory bag. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blue and browns!! Ant the blocks look great!! Just one question...when do you sleep?

  24. I find as I'm getting older, the faster the days go by! It certainly is a shock to be in February already, weren't we just bringing in the new year the other day??:-)

    Those mug rugs are so precious and I know your recipients will love them...I so love my Halloween one:-) If I ever find faerie material, I'm going to send it to you to make me another hehe

    Such a wonderful bag with goodies that Judy sent you, I can well imagine how much fun you had going through it all:-) Love the bag you made for her as well, just beautiful.

    Your birdie stitches blocks are so delightful as make it all look so easy to make but I know I would be completely lost! lol

    Your grandbabies are so adorable and a very Happy Birthday to the 1 year old:-) Precious bundles of joy!! Big hugs xoxox

  25. awww, look at the sweet little baby and that is why we quilt isnt it?
    I love your bag and your mug rugs.....they are so fun to make. I still dont know how to put in a zipper in though. I lost the foot to my bernina so I guess I will just continue to use snaps or velcro...haha....

  26. Yes February certainly did come around too quickly.
    Love the patchwork with the house.

    And the darling Grand babies.

  27. So many good things here, I just don't know where to start! I guess I'll start with the obvious! Your grandkids are darling. I especially love that new little guy. There is just something wonderful about a new baby.

    Your mug rugs are SO cute! I love that scrappy heart! The cat one is adorable. And I'm so impressed with your BOM blocks! Wow!

    That little accessory bag Judy sent is really cute! What a great idea! and I love the one you sent her!

    Those little embroidered blocks are absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see the whole quilt!

    Like I said, great post with SO many great things in it!

    xo -E

  28. What a wonderful post. It seems that you have been a bit busy of late. Your brown and blue blocks look great and I love the mug rugs you sent out. Enjoy your goodies. And a big Happy Birthday to your grandbaby.

  29. I loves the cute bag you sent to Judy! :)
    Happy weekend!

  30. Wow. I LOVE your blocks!!! Love your goodies. And love those grands!!!! Thank you for visiting my Mandy!!!

    cute kidos!!!

    The months are flying by as long as they are getting us closer to spring even though we are having the most mildest winter;) love your mug rug and the other blocks! cute!!!!
    Be Blessed!