Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Calm

This always seems like such a calm time of the year.  The cooking and parties are behind us and it is such a wonderful time of the year to pause and reflect on Christmas. 

We had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.  I am still trying to dig out and have not located my camera with the Christmas pictures on it yet, but I am sure after a few more rooms are cleaned it will appear.  I am not worried YET!!!!   Meanwhile I do have a few pictures from another camera that I happened to grab. 


Getting ready to open gifts.

Opening gifts.

Enjoying the excitement.

Ohhhh.....a new seat in the house!!!

Christmas Day brunch on the patio.  Please pardon the lattice stripes!
I have been thinking that I should grab my keys and head to Las Vegas.  Like many of you, I signed up for different giveaways on the recent Blog Hop Party and I actually won.  In fact, I won several of them.  I guess it makes up for years past when I did not. 

A wonderful package arrived from Cherry.   I am actually quite excited about starting another Christmas themed quilt and she has me off to a good start with the Flurry jelly roll.   I don't know if you remember seeing the incredible Accuquilt Christmas tree tutorial that she did - the red one, but you must check it out.  She has put kits together to sell due to the huge response from her readers.  That is another project on my list for next year. 

From Scott at Blue Nickel Quilts I won some wonderful spring fabrics.  These too will be so much fun to incorporate into my sewing next year.   I guess it is never too early to start thinking about spring!!  That's my way of thinking as well.

Marlene at Kissed Quilts chose me as her winner of her ombre fabrics.  I LOVE these fabrics.  They feel fabulous and the shading is spectacular.  These will really make up nicely and be beautiful when finished.

From Because I'm Me I won some lovely coasters.  Don't the colors remind you of a tropical vacation with crystal blue waters?   They do me.  I also LOVED the little card that was enclosed with them.  It is so sweet with the button flowers, but it also has the instructions for care of the item on the back.  It is such a fabulous idea and I think I will start doing that on gifts that I make and give.


I did have a chance to do a little sewing with my granddaughter who wanted to make a small quilt for her parents.  She did an incredible job on it and did the FMQ by herself.  I sewed the binding on for her, but she chose the fabrics and sewed them all together on her own.  I see a budding quilter here!!!

2011 has been a great year around our home and I am looking forward to ringing in the new year with all that it has to offer.  My wish is for a very happy and blessed 2012 to each of you. 


  1. Looks like you had quite a crowd at your home for Christmas. I know what you mean about the lull after Christmas, to me that is one of my favourite parts.

  2. You must be very organized to have such a large crowd and yet avoid total chaos as gifts are being opened! LOL Nice prizes you won. I actually won on 2 blogs during that blog hop...need to get photos and blog about my prizes soon.

  3. Your Christmas gift-giving looks much like ours (but there were only six of us: WM, myself, DD, SIL and two grandsons). Do you go slowly, one present at at time so people have time to see the reactions of the recipient and children have time to engage with their new toys? I guess with that number of people, slow is impossible!

    Congratulations on all your wins - you did very well and everything looks lovely. Good luck in Las Vegas!! LOL ;-)

  4. wow, that tree looks like the tree at our in-laws during christmas, it's a kid I never saw a tree with that many gifts under it, we were lucky to get 2

  5. Your tree looks wonderful! Isn't it fun to watch the little ones open their gifts?! Love the picture of the little one in the flour! We had lots of that floating around here too! I told them they had to have some flour on their face to make it look like we were working really hard!

    Wow! You won lots of goodies! That ruler holder is wonderful, I love mine, couldn't be without it. You got lots of fun fabrics and I can see the wheels turning in your head thinking of all the things you can make! :o)

    LOVE the rain coats! Those are just adorable!!!!!

    What kind of a critter is that one that is asleep on the grandson? We had iguanas but this one doesn't look anything like the ones we had.

    We got our invite to OR and BB said this year we actually earned it! ha! You never know what he is going to come out with but I think I note some sarcasm there!

    I don't have any Christmas pictures yet as I had other people take them. I like to be Santa each year and give out the presents in some kind of order. I must start bugging them for copies as I don't want a year to go by without pictures.

    What is Cherry's addy? Sounds like a good one to have on my list to read and I love tutorials.

    How is your wrist doing? What's the next step?

    My FIL will be 95 tomorrow!!! We are going to have a party on Saturday, just cake and ice cream and an open house as everyone there at once is too much for him.

    See you soon my friend!!! xoxoxo

  6. Love seeing your family pictures - looks like such a wonderful time.
    Congratulations on all your wins!!! You are very lucky!
    Your granddaughter's quilt is amazing - a real pro already.

  7. Wow! That is a lot of gifts all around the tree! Your family gathering looks very fun! Congratulations on all your wins! And your DGD and her quilt are so precious! Happy 2012 to you too!

  8. That is one big pile of gifts! I was waiting for a picture of the pile of paper chaos - but you must have picked up as it went along! Looks like a great time.

    What a lot of prizes you won. I can only imagine the lovely things you will create.

    Today was our anniversary and we had a great time together. I re-posted something I wrote several years ago, with some minor revisions.

  9. Love your Christmas photos Mary but I do hope you find your other camera soon.
    Your family get togethers always look so happy and it is so nice to share them with you through your posts.
    WOW!! You have been very lucky. Lots of great gifts you won.
    Your GD make a gorgeous quilt for her folks. I think it is great when the young ones what to quilt.

  10. It looks like you had a very fun family Christmas. I also was thinking the next photo was a paper chaos.
    Your gd did a wonderful job on that quilt.
    Congrats to you on all of your winnings.
    thanks for stopping by.

  11. Oh my goodness, you had a house full for Christmas. Wonderful! I look forward to that, in the very distant future, when I have grandchildren. The quilt is beautiful.

  12. Aren't large families great, and your Christmas looked wonderful. Can't believe you could sit on the patio for brunch. A little cold where I am but I would love it. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Such a wonderful, beautiful share!! I loved it all! Happy New Years dear friend, you are appreciated ♥

  14. I was looking for the piles of paper too! You must have passed around a garbage bag! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

    I just took my tree down today and now to the dusting and vacuuming and mopping! Yuck!

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful
    Christmas :) Happy New Year!

  16. wow, definetly a lot of fun and beautiful decorations. Happy New Year!

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Love the family photos on your Christmas day. How wonderful to have everyone all together. Love Nat

  18. Wow! That is one huge stack of gifts! I just cannot get over how large and wonderful your family life is! What a blessing! Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2012! Cheers!

  19. You had lots of guests for Christmas Day. We had 11 in my daughters house which was quite a squash! But it seemed not unlike your with us all sitting around and opening gifts together. Happy New Year to you!

  20. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your big family! You did win many beautiful things....Las Vegas here you come!

  21. Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Mary! Christmas has finally been put away and I now have more time to concentrate on my blogging. I'm looking forward to some quiet days ahead:-)

    Omigosh, look at all those gifts and all those people! I could probably sneak in there and nobody would notice! lol It sounds and looks like you all had an awesome Christmas:-) I should have taken a picture after we had finished opening our gifts at Corey & Kristin's house, you couldn't even see the living room floor because of all the wrapping paper everywhere! lol Fun times:-)

    Congratulations on winning more giveaways, lucky you:-) When the One World One Heart blog event starts in February, make sure to enter those giveaways, with your luck you may win a few of those too!! I just know you'll make something gorgeous with all that material.

    The quilt your granddaughter made is gorgeous, she's been taught well by her grandma:-)

    Looking forward to another year of your delightful friendship!! xoxo

  22. WOW!!! What a crowd and a lot of gifts:)!!! Looks like a fantastic time! Really enjoy your posts! What a nice brunch on the patio too!!!

    love the quilt so much!!! and the fabrics!!!:)

  23. have you found your camera yet? It looks like you all had a great time!

  24. LOVE your pics!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  25. Such beautiful pictures (and memories)! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.

  26. Are all those gifts for you, LOL? I can't believe how many presents you have in that picture.

  27. What a wonderful Christmas you had! And what marvelous giveaways you won. WTG! It's nice that you had such a beautiful, sunshiny day for your Christmas brunch.

  28. Where have I been that I missed this post. Looks like a wonderful Christmas was had by your family. Love your springy fabrics and your granddaughter did a beautiful job on her quilt!

  29. I wonder how long it takes you to buy and make the presents! What a wonderful time you are all having and I guess that is Mom with the glass in her hand.