Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Summer Days

The summer is just flying by us here.  Each week I think I will get this or that accomplished and then the days fill up faster than I can blink my eye.  Such is life in a big family and we love it.  After all.....what would I do with a block of free days???

The week has been busy with birthdays - my brother, my DIL and a grandson.  Lots to celebrate and no pictures to share because I forgot to grab my camera.  Such is life. 

I spent two days in the garden with weeding and removing spent summer flowers.  By the end of the day I wasn't sure whether the body would even go upright again, but it felt good to get the jobs finished.    The reward is when the blooms appear in appreciation of the hard work. 

My flowers for my How Does Your Garden Grow quilt-along did not reproduce as quickly this week.  I only added one and a half flowers this week.  I think I am ready to change to a new color this week as I believe I have enough yellow ones. 

Speaking of yellow flowers....look at my gorgeous orchid that is blooming.  My father would have loved this one.  He had a huge greenhouse in the backyard where he raised prized orchids.

I did manage to work on the last Christmas stocking for our darling neighbor girl.   I just need to line it and add the hanging tab.  Santa will be pleased to know where to place the goodies this year.

Lily Pad Quilting had a giveaway for a collection of fat quarters and I won!!  I am thrilled with these fat quarters and I really love the line of fabrics.  Thank you so much to both Lily Pad Quilting and to the Fat Quarter Shop for being the sponsor. 

We've been trying to get lots of grandchildren sleepovers and one on ones in before school starts again.  This week it was this little one's turn.  She had wanted to come over and make bread with me.  We had such a great time and lots of giggles as well. 

My sewing room has been quiet this week so I don't have anything to show from there.  Hopefully, next week will be more productive. 

I have to share what was in our neighborhood this week.  They had a vintage car show and this pulled up.  It was a food vehicle, but I thought it was cute.  Enjoy the week!


  1. I am coming over for some of that bread....looks fabulous...and what a cutie you have there!

  2. The orchid is beautiful and the Christmas stocking so cute! That bread does look pretty good.

  3. Wow, you have certainly been busy (leaving no time for sewing). The Christmas stocking is adorable and that bread certainly looks good.

  4. I can almost smell that wonderful looking bread! Sure wish I had some.....your flowers are coming along nicely.....Space Shuttle Cafe, cute idea!

  5. Ooo! That bread is enormous! I have never had much success with bread-making!

    What would you do with a block of free days? Hmm, I wonder! LOL

  6. Yes the time does go by so quickly.
    Your Orchid is just beautiful.
    How nice to have such a big family to spend time with.
    How I wish I could also come and share your delicious bread with you. Your GD will make a great cook.

  7. love the orchid.....I had two, and both have recently died...i just got them for valentine's day...and i have a very green thumb, but i had nothing on those darned orchids.

  8. Congrat's on your win! What beautiful bread and DGD! Love your orchid too. Have a happy evening!

  9. Yes, the time is going by....but looks like you've had a good summer! The flowers are gorgeous and that bread! Oh, that looks good!

  10. Yes, time does fly but it looks like you are keeping very busy. My boss raises orchids and yours are beautiful. I love the bread and the smile on your granddaughters face. That smile is enough to warm anyones heart. Families are the best.

  11. Oh Mary, if you say you have nothing to do this week I would be really surprise. Happy birthdays to everyone in your family. That bread looks so yummy. I'm glad you both had a great time together - Hugs Nat

  12. That is some food vehicle;)

    That bread looks Delicious! It also looks bigger than your grandchild;)

    Beautiful flowers and you must've felt so accomplished after you were done with the weeding, I swear thats a never ending job!

    I love the stocking! So much great detail you put into your work!

    Be Blessed my dear friend!

  13. How wonderful that you were able to spend time with family!
    The bread looks absolutely delicious :)
    The orchid is amazing and I can almost smell the roses from here.
    Love the Christmas stocking for Brooke.
    Congrats on your win and have a wonderful rest of the week, Mary!!

  14. Beautiful flower pictures! And your granddaughter is adorable. I think one-on-ones with grandchildren is the best thing in the world! That Christmas stocking is awesome. and aren't giveaways fun to win?

  15. Seldom am I jealous! But your garden must just be gorgeous...I love your flowers and vines and all. Jealous in a good way, I aspire to be a better gardener. And you are my inspiration.

  16. Well I'll try this again! I hope I don't lose it all like last time......

    That bread looks wonderful can you give out the recipe???? I would like to make it with Miss T.

    My goodness girl your mailbox gets so many goodies in it! Those are great fat quarters!!

    What an interesting Space Shuttle Cafe! That is a hoot! Did you eat there?

    My gardens are beyond their peak now. They still look okay but not flashy like they were. You are so fortunate to have blooms all year long. Well I guess that means weeding all year long too......

    Construction continues. I picked out paint colors today and carpet for the second floor part of the addition. Have already picked out flooring for the sunroom. I'm glad we are going to be gone for four days and told them they need to be all DONE by the time we get home!

    Have been getting things together for our trip to NY. Got a lot of shopping done on Tuesday in Portland. Just need some new sandals and a few other little things and I will be all set. Can't wait to see Sister Act!

    Must go put the boys to bed. Rode Scooter before dinner and had a nice quiet ride. He is such a sweetheart and doing so well. We rode over to see the kids and they hugged him and kissed him. Glad he loves kids! He also picked an apple from one of our apple trees and enjoyed that!!

    Take care. Love to you and E! xoxoxox

  17. So many fun things to comment on in this post :-) I love the stocking....you are so kind to your neighbor! The sleepovers sound like such fun. What a great opportunity to spend time together.....yummy bread :-)

  18. ahhh... I didn't think to check back on the links until now... So glad to see your link with the others. That orchid is beautiful and so is that sweet princess! I bet that bread was awesome!

  19. Oh, man, that bread looks amazing!

    I wish I could have one on one time with the girlies - maybe someday!

    The orchid is gorgeous!

    You are so blessed with winnings!

  20. Cute it is , there are some innovative people about. Now that brad looks delicious, great aroma has fresh bread.

  21. Glad you got some time in the garden and good weather for it. That orchid is gorgeous!
    I can imagine the wonderful scent of those roses. Lucky you! Are you having a better rose year after last year's disappointing season?
    That stocking is adorable. Your little neighbor will love it!
    Oh my, that bread looks so delicious!!! How lovely to have the grands for sleepovers. Precious time together :) She's a little beauty.
    Neat idea for a traveling cafe :)
    I can't believe you manage to fit any sewing into your busy life! You are so creative.
    The plumerias in the
    previous post are wonderful. I'm imagining their beautiful scent.
    We're having another rain storm as I write this. Plenty of good rain lately. The garden is breathing sighs of relief :)

  22. Mary, you've got to be the best grandma! It's priceless how you spend time and invest in your grand children's lives. The stocking looks good too!

  23. Freshly baked bread... OMG, I can smell it from here ;-}

  24. Your orchid is beautiful! What a cute stocking, your flower garden is growing, myself I love the yellow! Have a wonderful week!

  25. I guess that cafe was worth showing.

    Certainly a loaf to fill the family.