Friday, July 29, 2011

A Break in the Action

With a momentary break in the action, I will try to get a quick post in.  The week has been a bit busier than normal with plenty a wonderful grandchildren time and a little trip to San Francisco to celebrate my sister's birthday.

With airports the way they are these days, it is really quicker to jump in the car and drive to San Francisco.  We did that last Thursday.  We left a foggy home and headed up the coast, stopping for lunch in Santa Barbara.  The beaches were still fogged in there as well. 

Lunch was on the pier with the mountains slowly clearing of the fog.

San Francisco was quite cool - and foggy - which is fairly typical.  It was rather nice for us as we all enjoy doing a lot of walking and those hills can be a real workout.  The cool temps were a nice relief.   We walked for miles each day and enjoyed all of the sights and foods of San Francisco. 

Farmer's Market at the restored Ferry Building

Expensive eggs!!!!   I've heard of U pick fruit, but eggs????

The Bay Bridge


Ferry Building clock tower

The Golden Gate Bridge in the fog

This was the hill that almost killed us all.  It was so steep that they even added stairs.

DH, BIL, brother

Me, Sister and SIL
 The cable cars are a must when you visit.  They take the hills beautifully, but I am thinking we should have taken them UP the hills instead of DOWN.  Instead we had to "climb halfway to the stars" to get back to our hotel. 

The hotel was gorgeous and a welcomed sight at the end of each day.

The lobby staircase.

Fresh flowers each day - GORGEOUS!!!!
 Returning home on Sunday to "babysit" our #1 son's dog while they are back on the East coast.  This is a great pooch and we have enjoyed having a dog back in the house. 

On Monday, our #3 son and his wife left for a week in Hawaii so we have had special grandchildren time.  Needless to say, it has been a busy week.  Of course the first day we had a slight accident when one of the boys fell out of a tree and broke both bones in his lower arm. 

We have also managed to be quite productive.  We even got nine batches of jam done which will probably last about one month with the number of sandwiches made for lunches!!!!

Our jam testers!!!

Needless to say, there has not been a lot of sewing going on except in the wee hours of the morning.   I did manage to finish my next two rows of the Rockin' Robin, but other than a little car sewing, that was it.  Next week is a new week!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, you are busy! Looks like you had a fabulous trip and great times at home...hope the little guy mends soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures; that's a place I'd love to see someday!

  3. Oh how I'd love to visit San Francisco for myself, it just looks like such a delightful place to visit! I love walking (ask Steve! lol) but I think those hills would do me in! They do remind me of White Rock, B.C. where my brother Claude lived at one time. When mom and I had gone to visit him, we had to hold on to the railings that they've put on the sides of the streets to pull ourselves up! lol That hotel you stayed at sure is gorgeous!!

    Oh no, your poor little grandson who broke his arm! Yes, it figures it would happen the first day that his parents left! lol Isn't that always Murphy's Law?! No doubt they all enjoyed helping you make all that jam:-)

    Still very hot here, it was 86 today but felt more like the upper 90's with the humidex. I don't think I've ever sweated so much in my life as I have been lately! lol We're just not used to these kinds of temperatures.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend. xoxo

  4. What a busy time you've had, but it looks like great fun.

  5. What a great post! I love your photos of SF and that hotel is to die for. Where do you get the time to make jam and quilt with such busy happenings in you life. Great family shots too, thanks for sharing.

  6. the egg thing is funny, here you can get yard eggs for 1.00 a dozen, but most people i know have TOO many eggs and give them away! I almost always have a dozen or two of fresh yard eggs in my fridge!

    now.. having been a city girl at one point, that farmers market looks incredible!

    hope your grandson heals up quickly!

  7. What a fun and busy week :-) I love your pictures from your fun to see places I've never been! You have quite a crowd there! Such cute houseguests and jam testers :-) Too bad about the little accident. I hope he is feeling well and that his parents are enjoying Hawaii :-)

  8. I love San Fransisco..and have been to that market...but holy cow....thats some pricey eggs!!!!! love the quilt!!!

  9. Great pics of the city! Looks like you all had a good time playing tourist. I haven't been to SF in years, after seeing your pictures I think it may be time for a road trip.

  10. Wow! When you told me you had grandchildren this week, I was thinking one or two~ you have a lot of jam eaters there! lol Loved the photo's~ the egg price is outrageous! I wonder if anyone buys them. Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh wow, busy busy, busy, but don't tell me you are babysitting all the people in the jam photo!! And you can always guarantee a broken bone when parents leave. Mys sister is just home from San francisco, she loved it but our cold temps hurt her after vegas and there!
    Love the unusual stars, great colours, Tracey

  12. Thanks Mary for the tour of San Francisco. Lovely shots you took too. It brought back memories for me. We were there years ago, surprise surprise I still remembered it well! Those hills yeah, next time go down not up! Hugs Nat

  13. That sounds like a busy time. All those children, a hospital visit, a short trip away - all that and sewing too.

  14. I really appreciated the photos from SF - a part of world I have never visited.

    When I was a child I learnt that to see Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo one should take the bus to the top gate (there's also a cable car now) and spend the day walking back downhill towards the ferry!

  15. Hello Mary! So much to catch up on!! I don't know how you keep up with it all. You must have way more energy than I have ;)
    What fun to visit San Francisco and spend time with loved ones. Thanks for sharing the photos. Armchair travel is so fascinating :)
    I can't believe the price of those eggs!
    The blue and white dress is delightful. I'll bet your granddaughter loved it.
    Oh no, broken bones! Never a dull moment. Boys will be boys ;)
    And all that jam - yum! You're lucky to have so many helpers...I think :)
    Answering your question on picking the lilies for, I leave them in the garden. There are enough other flowers to pick for church bouquets and I love to see the lilies in the garden.
    BTW, my big clivia bloomed after I put it outside in the spring. I was so pleased! Thought it was going to pass this year. It has big seed pods.
    It's always so good to visit you and catch up :) xoxo

  16. You have been very busy caring for your beautiful granndies as well as visiting your sister in SF. thank you for sharing your great photos.

  17. San Francisco is on my list too - it looks so beautiful and you had such fun! And then the grands - how did you manage to make jam as well???
    The sun, believe it or not, has just appeared. Today may be summer. And I have been playing with wood and the scroll saw, so things are not quiet round here. Now for BBQ this evening!! Have a great weekend!

  18. I've never been to San Francisco so thanks for a beautiful tour! I'm not sure I could eat eggs that cost that much!

    Sorry about the broken arm, but he didn't look too much worse for the wear! Probably getting lots of attention!

    How wonderful to spend so much time with your grands. I don't get nearly enough!

  19. Such a busy life! Your trip look like it was great fun, lovely photos. Shame about the broken arm...was he pleased to have the plaster cast? Some children love all that don't they?

  20. You sure lead a busy life and easily I see it is good! Gosh, look at all those grandbabies!!! I've said it are truly blessed my friend. San Francisco and Bay Area are my old stomping grounds. Many, many fun weekends were spent in the city and seeing all the photos you shared sure brought back fond memories.

  21. That was a VERY busy week. Gorgeous photos of San Francisco. Never heard of you-pick eggs either.

  22. Great pictures of your trip. Thank you for sharing them.

  23. Sounds like you're really busy, but having a great time. I've been to San Francisco many years ago. A fun place to visit!

  24. Wow--what a week! You are sure having a lot of fun. LOVE the photos of San Francisco. We went through their for one day and we loved it. You take great pictures by the way.

    The quilt is SUPER! Sigh.. :o)

    Ouch! That isn't fun for little ones. Hope his arm heals quickly. Love the jam and the testers. :o)


  25. what a gorgeous quilt! wow! love the color! You are so busy!!!

    Great photos and nice looking place you were at for sure!!!

    Broken bones are NOT good...I guess a thing to fear with tree climbers;) kids! Hope he heals quick;)

  26. The trip to SF looks wonderful - what a beautiful hotel!

    It has been a very busy time for you!

  27. As usual, your pictures (of San Francisco) are gorgeous. Oh, no, broken bones?

  28. Another broken arm! Hope he is better soon. Hills, hills of course there are lots of them here but the one in San Fran with the cable car I imagine is quite long from top to bottom. Both my children know the town, son from several hols and daughter through work and hols.

    Loved the full screen photo of you Mary. Feel I know you a little better.

  29. I meant the street cars of course. (Getting late!)

  30. What lovely photos of San Francisco. My sister landed there on Sunday. Broken bones but such a beautiful smile. I love your quilt,gorgeous colours.