Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week Recap

This week seems to have flown right past me.  We really did enjoy lots of fun times.  The kids have all returned to school and summer vacation is but a memory.

We were invited by a dear friend to attend the L.A. Philharmonic perform at the Hollywood Bowl.  They served us a delicious dinner in our seats and then we were entertained under the stars to music from Beethoven, Elgar and Wagner.  It was a fabulous evening.

I've spent a good portion of the week in the garden.  The roses have performed so poorly this summer with our weather that I did a good cutback on them and fertilized them in hopes of warmer fall weather.  To explain just how bad the weather has been for them, I was able to find about four roses that were decent for picking to bring in the house and I have over one hundred rose bushes!!!!

We celebrated two birthdays - one for our granddaughter on the 5th and DH's today.  We gathered here for a big family BBQ on Sunday afternoon.  It was a great day.  I just love watching all the kids playing together.  They are all such good friends. 

Of course I managed to get a few bits of sewing in to finish off the week.  One project was to embroider names on aprons for my DIL.  She threw a surprise "make your own pizza" birthday party for our GD.  She had an apron for each girl to wear and take home with them.   I thought was such a fabulous idea.

I finished the quilt top for our newest grandbaby - pink with dolls!!  I know she will love it as she gets older.

The second block in the Raggedly Ann and Andy quilt went up nicely.  I am looking forward to the next block now.

I have also been working on a couple of bridesmaids jackets for our niece's wedding next month.  No pictures of them yet as I am not quite finished.


  1. I love the quilt! Your little granddaughter will love it too, I am quite sure. Beautiful work!
    What a delight the concert must have been - such glorious music to listen to outdoors. It sounds like a really special evening.
    Happy Birthday to the 2 birthday members of your family! Your family gatherings always look such fun. I hope you get a late showing of roses. Mine have been superb this year, and they are still blooming. Someone said it was because our winter had been so cold. I have no idea if that was the reason, but they have been beautiful. I have about 30 bushes in my little garden, and 5 more in the front of the house. I love roses!

  2. I love roses, too, but only have one bush because of so much shade in our yard. The one I do have has done well this summer. I can't believe your summer has been so very cool.

    The concert sounds just amazing! What fun.

    The pizza party with aprons sounds like such fun. That sounds like a good idea for Care Bear in the future!

    What fun your grands must have with each other.

  3. Oh that baby quilt is just wonderful...it will most certainly become a prized possession

  4. What a clever birthday party...the gals just look like they were loving it.

    You have been busy, the concert looked fabulous.

  5. I love the quilt for your little gandchild.
    And all the aprons are so cute and an great idea.
    Congratulations to your dear husband and the grandchild too.
    love and hugs from Dorine

  6. Hi Mary ~ The baby quilt is adorable. She is sure to love it now and even later on in her life!

    The aprons were really a hit as shown by the girls' faces!

    Looks like you and your family had a great time celebrating the birthdays.

    Hope your roses do much better next year. This was not a good year for most gardeners.....crazy weather.

    Hugs, Karen

  7. Love the little quilt! How fun! Sounds like you had quite a busy month!~ sorry your roses had a bad summer. I heard we are in for a cold and wet winter after so little summer.. guess I'll be sewing! ;-)

  8. Wow! Mary you have had a busy time for sure but good times!!!
    Looks like everyone had a ball at the BD parties .
    The aprons were sweet idea too.
    I love that lil quilt. It will become a treasure for your new sweetie for sure.
    The lack of rain here has played heck with all our shrubs, bushes and trees.
    Hope we get some rain soon.
    Maybe next year your roses will just out bloom themselves to make up for a bad year.

  9. I love the quilt too! Both of them in fact. How great it must have been at the Philharmonic.
    I had to laugh (forgive me) that you're hoping for warmer weather in the fall! We are praying for cooler weather here.
    What a great party idea! Make you own pizzas....since I love pizza that would be something I would love!

    Have a great week!

  10. Oh my goodness! I love all of your projects. The aprons are so cute. I bet that was so much fun listening to that music while enjoying a good meal. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter & your DH!!

  11. I love to see your big family enjoying time together.
    the aprons are a great idea.
    Love the new GD's Dolly Quilt.

  12. Your Quilt with the girls is beautiful! And Raggedy Anne quilt is looking great.
    The Hollywood Bowl is impressive! Looks like between your beautiful family and friends you could probably make pretty good use of that,lol:)

  13. I've just spent a very pleasant half hour reading about your summer "doings". Such a lot to comment on, but it would make this comment much too long!
    Your sewing, as always, is so very beautiful, and I'm sure much appreciated by the recipients who are lucky enough to receive your lovely gifts.
    And your family is beautiful too :) I love to see the family pics.
    You've had some interesting weather! Our summer has been hotter than usual for the most part, but a we've had some cooler days too.
    Glad you were able to get away a couple of times. Fabulous scenery pics...and yes, you must've been very happy to be safely in a boat away from the shore when you saw that very large bear!
    Guess what? I have Clivia seedlings and one of the Plumeria cuttings is alive and well. All are growing very slowly, but I'm thrilled with them! I have a little bit of CA here in NY!
    Such fun catching up with you, as always.
    Didn't the summer go much too fast?

  14. Your quilt top for your newest grandbaby is very pretty.

    I made my first pajama shorts. I actually made two. I wear them to bed every night. I am so happy with them. I should probably make some pants soon as it the weather will start getting cold. Hope you'll come take a look. By the way, I am turning 10 this weekend.


  15. The aprons were a wonderful idea. I love your granddaughter's quilt. I was wondering how you did the hair because they looked so different. I thought they were appliqued on until I took a further peek. It looks great, clever idea to use ribbons.

  16. You know what's funny, everyone I've talked to says their roses didn't do well this Summer, mine included. I have two rose bushes in my faerie garden and they're usually loaded with roses but this year one had 2 roses and the other had 1. We had a very hot and humid Summer so you'd think the roses would have liked that!

    It must have been absolutely awesome to listen to the concert at the Hollywood Bowl, the acoustics alone must have been fabulous.

    What a wonderful gathering for a birthday party, your DH looks quite pleased to have his family surrounding him:-)

    I have to remember that idea about the aprons and make your own pizza theme for a birthday party! Not that I could make the aprons or embroider their names on it but it's still a terrific idea! lol

    The little quilt you made for your newest grandbaby is absolutely darling, I love it!

    Hopefully your Fall weather will make up for the poor Summer weather you had. It's cooled down quite a bit over here, only 62F today. I'm not complaining, though, because I'm quite ok with the cooler temps! lol

    Take care of you!! xoxox

  17. What a great night you must have Mary. It look like a popular event?
    I like the aprons idea for your GD's party. I must remember it for my GD when she is old enough. You did a great job on them too - Hugs Nat

  18. I love the doll quilt! It's adorable!

  19. Happy Birthday to DH and grandaughter! Love love love the aprons!
    Very cool idea! Lucky girls!

    the concert/dinner sounds fabulous!

    love the quilt, love all your quilts! you are an amazing woman!

  20. What a great evening with the classics! Love how your quilt came out! Thanks for taking time to visit and comment on my 911 offering, it was written from the heart. Hugs, kerrie

  21. Happy Birthday E!!!! Nice to be 39 again isn't it?!!! :o) What a great time with all of your family around to celebrate, it's what makes it special. Love the aprons you did for your GD's party, did you do the embroidery on your big machine? That is such a cool idea, I must tuck that away for future reference! heehee!

    I don't have roses but my dahlias were just a disaster this year. I think I put in around 30 and have had one blossom so far and the rest just have turned brown. Too hot and too dry for them I guess. I'll dig them up and try again next year. My pumpkins are pathetic but I don't feel so badly as we went pumpkin picking today and the pumpkins were so small this year! Usually they sell thousands and they opened today and there weren't any big ones. We had fun though and brought home about 20.

    Love your quilts! You amaze me at how fast you can put them together. I got one fall table topper finished and it is on my kitchen table, I think I will make one for the lake too.

    That concert looks amazing! Did you dress all up in your OR finery?

    R and Son left for Boston this afternoon. They have a big thing at Gillette Stadium tomorrow bringing in prospective clients to an event and then they will all watch the game together. J put the whole thing together so he is quite excited about it. They will be home tomorrow night after the game.

    Still can't get over the loss of Barn Goddess. Such a sad thing.

    Well guess I'll try to get around and visit a few more blogs. I am so behind it's pathetic! Love to you both! xoxoxo

  22. The little doll quilt is so sweet! She will love it for sure.

  23. OH that concert sounds so wonderful! Just the kind of music I dearly love!
    The quilt is darling, and the apron idea is so cute! My roses haven't been as good as usual, but not too bad, considering I have not done much for them this summer. This has obviously been a summer of rest for me, but I am doing better and ready to get back into all the things I love to do! Thank you so much for all your wonderful emails and comments!

  24. Hey Mary~ I nominated you again. LOL I just love stopping by! :-)) Check out my latest post. :-)

  25. HI there
    I've been wanting to pop over and say thanks for entering my giveaway... my internet is sooo unreliable lately and I haven't been able to keep up.. So.. finally I am here!

    The Hollywood Bowl looks incredible.. that must have been a wonderful experience.. and in fact your outdoor party looks just as much fun.. good friends and family..

    Thanks again.. xxx Julie

  26. Oh my goodness! Those girls in their aprons are so darling! I love aprons--in fact I'm addicted to them..wearing them, sewing them, embellishing them and giving them away.

    I LOVE your quilt top and your raggedy ann square. You are so talented!

    That concert looked like a fabulous event! Tim and I have only attended a few but they are treasured evenings. :o) I loved seeing the big photos of the concert when I clicked on them.

    100 rose bushes! You must be kidding! I have to say that Houston (or north of) just isn't a very good place for roses. Mine did better when we lived in the Dallas area.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  27. Fabulous apron idea for the birthday party, I will have to file that! But the dolls quilt, wow!! Where id the basic block from, or is it you own design, I have some nieces who would love it!! happy bday DH! love Tracey

  28. How I envy you your family (in the right sense I hope) always looking so happy and enjoying each other.
    The concert must have been great.

    My roses are superb at the moment. Quite late for their second flush, usually August but then it was so cool and wet.