Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday What Nots

Can I even begin to tell you how happy I am that the elections are behind us?  I'll tell you that I was ready to rip the phone out of the wall by the time yesterday arrived.  We had nine solicitation phone calls on Monday alone.  If you don't answer them, they fill the answering machine up with their messages.  Grrr.  Of course they are all recorded messages so there is NO WAY to tell them not to call again.   Do they think I have nothing else to do all day but answer the phone?  I think we are now clear until November.  Right?

All of this was happening as I was trying to clean the freezer.  It had been making some strange noises for the last month and I was pretty sure that it was about to go out on us.  We decided to replace it before it officially died.  I mean, really, it was ONLY 39 years old!!!!!  Think it was about time?  My mother keeps tells me that hers is 53 so she doesn't know what is wrong with mine.  I expect to be taking a vacation with all the money they profess we will save by updating it.  I'll let you know where we go....Paris, out!

Over the weekend we took a drive and came upon the most gorgeous fields of gladiolus.  I know that my pictures are not very clear because we were driving at the time, but trust me, they were gorgeous.  It was just rolling hillsides of color.  Our area grows many different types of flowers for seeds, bulbs, plants and all else so I am fairly sure that was the purpose of these.  How I would have loved to have access to go in and pick a big bouquet.

Are any of you familiar with Flat People?  The schoolchildren here make a flat person in third grade and send it off to some distant place for it to enjoy an exciting stay.  Whoever receives the flat person will take pictures of it enjoying it's stay and return the pictures back to the children.  It is always so much fun to see the flat person return to the class and it is such a wonderful way for the children to learn about places other than their home.  This week I met a fellow blogger, Nerine, who lives in Tasmania and has made a flat person.  She is a very talented artist.  I simply commented that it would be fun to send her off  on a big journey.  Well.....guess what!!!  She is starting a blogging journey that will hopefully take her to exciting and new places.  The flat doll is starting her journey and is currently making her way to California - my house to be exact.  I will keep her for two weeks and then she will be off to somewhere else.  Please go read all about it on Nerine's blog and then come back and let me know if you would like to be put in the drawing for her next stay.  This should be really fun and will perhaps educate all of us as we follow her journey.

Is everyone playing along on the Bingo Blog?  It is such a fun event that happens twice a year through the Quilt Shoppe.  Although I don't have many words crossed off yet, I did manage to win a set of fat quarters in the daily drawings.  They arrived this week and are absolutely gorgeous. 

With school out for the grandchildren we will be starting up our sewing sessions.  The girls are always so excited about trying different patterns and I now have some new patterns for them to check out thanks to Ravelly.  She had sorted through some of her patterns and asked if anyone would be interested in them.  I jumped at the idea and they arrived this week too.

Since several of you were interested in how I made the flowers, I am in the process of making up a tutorial on how to make them.  I  made a few more this week and they are becoming very addictive so consider yourself warned.

Melissa is having a contest involving items you make with trimmings.  I decided to enter the Easter dresses that I made for some of the granddaughters.  The jackets are actually white sweatshirts that I trimmed with flowers made from the fabric I used in the dresses as well as some complimentary fabrics.  As well I used ric rac, buttons and lace.  They love wearing matching dresses and it is not always easy to find dresses that come in all the sizes.

I will get my tutorial finished up and will then post it so you can start making your bouquets.  Until then....enjoy life!


  1. I would love to entertain Ms Flatgirl. She could visit the beautiful Lake MI sandy beach and many other places of interest. My grands and great grands would love to hear her tell of her life in Tasmania. Maybe the early blueberries will be ready for picking. Please put me in the drawing.

    Love all your sewing projects. I can just imagine how beautiful the fields of glads were. I've only seen fields of tulips and sunflowers and they were spectacular.

    Our freezer is 37 years but our "basement" refrigerator is 47. Now days a person feels good if an appliance lasts 10 years!

  2. Your blog is always so interesting, and enjoy all your pictures.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about the contest for the GO Cutter. Please go vote for me (sewmeow) and tell all your blog readers/friends/family to go vote for me too. I am currently behind in votes.

    Here's the link again...and many thanks.

  3. Those dresses are GORGEOUS!!! I'd love to entertain Ms. Flatgirl, too. freezer is a youngster...just 6 1/2 years old now!!!! G'Gma just said....nowadays, it's lucky if they last 10 years. :( What a wonderful sight to see those fields of gladiolus...I never saw fields of them, either.

  4. The flowers.....beautiful! So many. I really like the flowers, it seems like they are back with a bang. I have several that are magnetic so they don't put holes in your top or dress.

    We don't have a big freezer, but we do have two regular freezers...on refrigerators. I don't want more than that...Can't wait to hear where you go on the savings! :)

  5. Those dresses and decorated sweatshirts are adorable - I think it's neat that they like to dress alike. I'm not looking forward to the day when I can't get matching dresses for the girlies any more.

    I love that black and white purse - did you make it?

    I keep reading about fat quarters in the Jennifer Giardini novels, but still don't understand what they are!

    Hey, I added some picture that I forgot about after you had come over - if you have a minute, I think you'll like to see them!

  6. PS - the glads are gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful landscape of flowers and I love the dresses you made!

  8. My goodness you are busy! I love the dresses and jackets! One year we made sweatpants and matching shirts for all my Mom's grands~ my DD's pants had ruffles on the seat as she was the only girl at the time. :-) Fun times! My kids did Flat Stanley in school too, one made it to Hawaii one yr. :-) Congrat's on your bingo win!

  9. I would love to have Ms Flatgirl visit here in NE.
    My gs had a stuffed bear that he did for his class and it was so interesting when it came back and the journal that people wrote in it. His bear named Gav even went to Iraq.He won a prize for his most traveled bear. He will remember this school project forever.
    Those dresses are so beautiful.

  10. Wow, you have been busy. My refrigerator died after only 8 years...they don't make them like they used to. I love your flower pin and can't wait for the tutorial. Love the black and white bag too.

  11. That's fantastic! really looking forward to her arrival to your lovely home:-)

  12. love those dresses! so fun to dress alike!
    Such a busy lady!
    You are so amazing!
    Those fields are so amazing!
    sorry to hear of the frig!

  13. Lucky granddaughters! Their dresses are beautiful.

  14. Mom's comment about the freezer is too cute!...most of their stuff DOES last forever!
    Love the little dresses and jackets.

  15. your flowers ARE CUTE...enjoyed hearing about the flat people

  16. two of my kids did the FlatChildren during kindergarten and it was alot of fun seeing where they went.

  17. I am looking forward to the tutorial on the flowers. I have really enjoyed the bingo game, and won Friday's. It has been great fun!

  18. Busy busy!! I love flat people! I took my nephew to the St Louis Arch last year :)

    I'm excited to check into all your links, fun stuff. I want to win those fat quarters too!!

    Adorable projects!

  19. The dresses are so adorable! I love them!
    I really enjoyed the pictures of the flower fields! Thank you!

    Looking forward flower tutorial!

  20. I am looking forward to the flower tutorial!
    Just wanted to stop by and say "thanks" for visiting my blog on Giveaway Day last month.

  21. your blog is great!
    and good luck in the contest!
    mey you and I be the winners! wouldnt that be just pirfect?
    i think so!

  22. Ah yes, the good ol' solicitation calls...I've lost track of how many I've hung up on. lol I'm not usually a rude person but after so many calls I get fed up. Like you, I'm always glad when elections are done and over with.

    The sad part about buying any new appliances these days is the fact that they certainly don't last as long as our 30+ year old ones lasted!! They don't make anything to last anymore.

    Omigosh, how I would have loved to have seen those fields filled with gladiolus, how gorgeous it all looks! Never seen anything like it.

    I certainly am familiar with Flat People. Actually, we call them Flat Stanley over here! lol My niece Chantal had sent me one when she was in grade school and I had to take it everywhere to pose and take pictures around my area...then Steve's son had sent me one a few years later. I enjoyed doing it and sure, I would love to entertain Ms Flatgirl here in Canada:-)

    I hadn't heard about Bingo Blog so I went to check it out. How fun it must be for all you gals who are into sewing and quilting:-) I just love some of the ideas people get to make blogging fun!!

    I've just come in from hanging the laundry on the clothesline. It was raining earlier this morning but now the sun is out and it's supposed to be in the mid 70's which is perfect for me. Any hotter and I melt! lol Have a wonderful week, dear friend. xoxo

  23. Love the fields of flowers! Your grandaughters dresses are adorable. The flatgirl sounds like fun. Oh what adventures she will have.

  24. I love those dresses and adore the flowers! I want to make some of those so bring on the tutorial.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  25. HI! Yes, we had the most fantastic time in Tenn. It was VERY hot, in the 90's with gazillion percent humidity but we drank lots of water and we were having such a good time we didn't mind it too much. Wasn't th at cottage beautiful?! That wasn't even all of it, it was huge and just sparkling clean, you could eat off the floors!

    Those glads are just amazing!!!!!!! What a beautiful sight!!!!!! I would have had to stop and just drink it all in, so glad you had your camera handy!

    I am so excited to soon get your flower tutorial, it may be the boost I need to get sewing! I just love what you did with the girls dresses and can't believe the jackets are sweatshirts! So cute! I know if you lived closer I would get a lot more sewing done, but it's a long way to commute! :o)

    Well I started this this morning and now it's after dinner. I spent most of the day setting out more flowers and mowing then T and her best friend came over for a while. The were on the swings for a long time and then helped me feed the horses and brushed Kipper.

    We still haven't gotten our tv, you are right something must be wrong........I should have asked Robbie to check into it but R would have been madder then a hornet! ha! He was at the convention for a day and a half and we had dinner with him one night. Such a nice young man and is VERY smart!

    Well my friend I must get ready to go for my walk with Dad, Funsize my sister Jill and we usually take Nick or Kipper with us. Quite a sight! Hugs to all!! xoxoxox

  26. Ms Flatgirl would have a good stay here in Sunset Utah too...I can be a pretty good hostess and maybe I will be able to fatten her up....
    the dresses are AMAZING!!!!!