Thursday, April 29, 2010

Schnibbles and More

Since tomorrow is the big Schnibble Parade, I best post pictures of my April Schnibbles, Tagalong.  I know it is not exactly "to the pattern" because I added a little sashing between the blocks.  It makes it just a tad larger which will make a nice table cover.  Be sure to check out the rest of the quilts as it is really fun to see how different each one looks when different fabrics are used.  My fabrics were Chez Moi Boutique from Moda.


I have really been trying to play catch up on my sewing after being away.  Here is my own little parade of work from this week.

Barn Quilt block for April

Yellow and blue block swap with Emily

Finished my pinwheels

Completed my block for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along

Found and added the final border to my Pineapple Quilt

We had nine of the grandchildren with us over the weekend and the girls were having a blast working with my scraps and creating blocks.  They were most pleased with their results and are excited about coming back soon and making more.

May is always a busy month around here for birthdays and anniversaries, but we celebrated Master J's birthday this past week.  I have to tell you that this gift was the hit of the evening - a bug watch.  It is a little band with an air dome.  You can "catch and watch" your very own bug!!!!!  What a thrill it is for a three year old.

Who wouldn't love a tractor pinata??

Last weekend we drove to Las Vegas to catch a FABULOUS show - Jersey Boys.  If it is anywhere near you, you must make a point of seeing it.  It is the story and songs of Fra*nkie Valli and the Four Sea*sons.  I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it was.  I could have stayed for hours and was sad to see it end.  Let me know what you think if you've seen it.

My DH and I really love to get out on the road and drive - anywhere!!!!  We hate to drive the Interstates because of all that you miss seeing along the way.  We found a very roundabout way to get to Vegas and although it only added about 45 miles to the trip, it was beautiful.  The desert is still in bloom due to all the delightful rains we have had this year.  The stark colors of the cactus against the dull background are breathtaking.  It was so nice to be able to pull over and take photos - another thing you cannot do on the interstate.

Our kind of road - see it going up the hill on the other side and not a car in sight.

Joshua Tree forest.

Yuccas about to bloom

Radiant color.

So pretty. cold as I am all the time, do you think they could give me a warmer room??????


  1. I have to say I like your Schnibbles with the sashing a lot more than the original! I think it makes the blocks stand out more the way you did it. :0)

  2. I just love your schnibbles and more.

  3. WOW! You HAVE been busy but looks like a lot of fun was had too!
    Like your lil quilt with the sashing. All your projects are first rate for sure! Love the pin wheels. Nice and fresh look for summer.
    Ice Suites...NO!

  4. Lovely projects you are tagalong. You have so much energy Mary. Love the photos of your neighborhood - Hugs Nat

  5. lol on the ice suite.

    I love your pinwheel quilt!! And all the others of course.

  6. i love everything you've made, it all looks so perfect and magazine worthy. seriously...........are those orange flowers california poppy's? we've just planted 10 packs of those. tj loves them, being from cali and i thought they would bring a touch of cali to our yard. we're anxiously waiting for them to "pop" out of the ground.

  7. Schnibbles is awesome! I'm looking forward to the parade. I never had a chance to do mine this month...or I should say I was lazy and didn't do mine this month. You've really been busy I see!!

  8. Love all the sewing projects you showed as well as the family photos and the trip photos. I've not seen one of those bug watches....really cute, though.

  9. You have been extremely busy Mary and I just love all your colours in your projects. Lucky you have a large family to share all your beautiful work with.
    The GD's have made very colorful blocks. I enjoy making scraps things so much too.
    Oh your family photos are always such a delight. Your little three year old is so cute.
    Thank you for taking us on your travels,gorgeous scenery. Hope your room was warmer than the name of your suite. LOL
    My friend is going to Melboure next week to see Jersy Boys as it is not coming to Perth.

  10. Love all your pixs!!! and the pineapplie is so pretty!

  11. Okay, now I officially feel like a slug! You have accomplished so much and thrown in two nice trips to boot! And had 9 grandkids for the week-end! You're amazing!

    I would love to see that show - I have seen them on a t.v. show - good sound!

    Re your comment to me - I think a road trip to Estes should definitely be in your plans - it would be so much fun to rendezvous up there!

    We like to take off roads as well. What a beautiful trip through the desert!

  12. Wow! beautiful work! love the barn block and the sky fabric.Tagalong is lovely as is, they're all beautiful. Desert flowers so pretty!

  13. Have just popped by your blog. What lovely colours you have used in your blocks and quilts posted. Wonderful!
    The desert photos are beautiful.

  14. Wow! Your quilting projects are just gorgeous! Love the pin wheel pattern, and all of the lovely fabrics that you use!

  15. that barn block is great...other work is good too but that one just caught my eye

  16. Love your Tagalong quilt.

    Thanks for being the first to welcome me back. My focus has been elswere for such a long time. I'm glad to get back into crafting.

  17. I really like the sashing you added to your Tagalong Mary! You have been so busy! Your Jelly Roll Sampler blocks are great too! I have been loving all your photos of your trips!

  18. My you have been busy! I love my block of course. And the pineapple quilt is fabulous. Makes me want to make a few more blocks for mine. Had to laugh at the bug watch and the Joshua tree forest. Because my Joshua likes to tell everyone he was after a tree. He is so weird sometimes.

  19. Wow, you sure have been busy. I love your scnibbles and pineapple quilts.

  20. You've been busy! Love those schnibble patterns! I'm with you on the driving. I enjoy taking back roads. Thanks for the road trip! ;o)

  21. Hi -- Re your latest comment. The snow on the peaks right now is brand new, fresh stuff from the last few days of yuckiness down here. It's wonderful to have it up there, though, because it will fill our reservoirs at run-off time and we won't have to ration our water this summer! Besides, California may even get some!

  22. I'm smiling at your last picture. I just spent a couple days at a conference here in Anchorage and the Sheraton has an "Ice Spa." Huh? No thanks. Give me a "Sun Spa" or something a little more optimistic here in the land of endless winter!! :)

    What beautiful sewing. I also LOVE reading about all the trips you take with your husband. It is obvious you have a holy and fulfilling marriage that never grows old. (Of course, I know you in person so I can say this even without reading your blog.)

  23. Very beautiful Tagalong, fabrics & sashing ! I love all other pictures.

  24. I love your tagalong...cute. And your pinwheels, they just inspire me to finish up my last four blocks. Yours look so cheerful and well done.

  25. You make me tired seeing all that you have done...beautiful work!

  26. I would like a warmer suite also.
    I loved all of your quilt blocks, you have so much talent.
    We like to find highways a little out of the way also. You never know what beauty you are missing but going interstate.
    thanks for taking us along.
    Happy birthday to your 3yr old.

  27. Oh, you do such beautiful work my friend!!! Instead of out working on fences today I should have been in my sewing room but I guess that wouldn't have kept the boys in the pasture! lol!

    The boys are home! Yay! I am soooooo happy! They are sooooo happy! They look so beautiful out there in the nice green pasture. I haven't ridden yet as Lil' Bud doesn't have his shoes on yet but plan to just as soon as he is shod!

    Your granddaughters are quite the seamstresses, very pretty squares that they made!

    I wish R would take more time for road trips. It seems like we go to sports events because of the business association. We are going to see the Yankee's and Red Sox this coming weekend and it's NOT business!

    The flu has been going around here like mad. It's just like I had in Ocean Reef, very violent vomiting and of course the other end too. All my kids have had it and now Mom has it. So far I have been spared. Knock on wood!

    Are you going to meet up with Dawn?!!!! I wish I lived closer to join you!

    Well my sister and I are going to watch DWTS now. I'll probably sleep through the last half!

    Take care. xoxoxo

  28. Hi Mary,
    You made nice things and so many....
    Your trip looks lovely the desert is for me vey special to see.
    We have no desert. DHsaya we have one in the playground for the children LOL.
    Louis is back home again.
    And he make jokes.
    Now he had to have oxygin the whole day.
    Another step backwards.
    greetings Dorine

  29. Every time I see one of the barn blocks made up, I wonder why I haven't gotten started on making them.
    Your pinwheel quilt is a good one.

  30. Beautiful!

    And I'm with you, who wouldn't love a tractor pinata!!!???

  31. I do so like the colours on the jelly roll quilt.

    Great photos here. To see an empty road like that must be heaven.

    Looks like great birthday fun which you must have lots of.

  32. you are so amazing!
    I love all your schnibbles!
    You always take such great pics!

  33. I Love the Barn Block!! Do you know where I can get the templete?
    My bestfriend lives in Tehachapi, CA. and we always go to Vegas when we visit. And my husband thinks I'm weird but I think the desert is beautiful. I've never seen it FULL BLOOM. So thanks for the pics.

  34. You have been a busy busy woman. I am so impressed. I love seeing all of the pics of your projects but I just love that pic of the Master J and his little bug watch! Where in the world do you get one of those? Brother (my grandson) would love that!

  35. Love all your quilts. You have been busy. Also enjoyed your travel pictures. We do not like driving the interstates either. You miss so many things and everyone is in such a hurry. Happy sewing.

  36. Big fan of those pinwheels and I LOVE that barn block.
    Your schnibbles piece is wonderful.....I really need to find out more about schnibbles.

  37. Wow, beautiful quilts. I haven't quilted in so long. I miss it! I have several tops waiting to be quilted.

    I really love the border you added to your pineapple quilt. It's fabulous!

  38. that pineapple is, you get a lot done!!!! I am envious....