Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Good Week

For some reason blogger is not allowing me to move my photos to where they belong tonight so I guess you will have to see the pictures first and use your imagination as to where they belong.

The past week has been a good and normal week around here. Both are greatly appreciated after the past ten months or so. I like boring for a change.

We were blessed to have nine grandchildren spend some time with us while their parents were on vacation in Hawaii. We were also fortunate enough to have the use of our neighbors pool while they were out of town at the same time. Many hours were spent enjoying the water with the children.

I also attended a daylong seminar on machine embroidery this week which was fabulous. It was so much fun to see the new products available and the work that folks are doing. I just wish that I had about 40 hours in each day and that I did not need to use any of that time for sleep. Perhaps I could get a couple of the things done that I would love to do.

We have discovered so much information on the mountain lion that attacked and killed our dog last week. While we did not even know there was one on the loose, we have since learned that our dog was the seventh large dog killed by what they suspect is the same animal in our neighborhood lately. Of course the concern is for other pets, but also for children who live here. We have made sure that there are now signs posted throughout the neighborhood so that folks are aware of the situation. I would frankly like to see the animal trapped and relocated. Others say that we are in their territory. We have lived here for twenty years and have never heard of them here before so I say they are moving into our territory. I can't even begin to count the number of fences that thing had to come over to reach our back yard. I just don't want anyone else to loose a pet or worse, a child.

Later tonight my cousin, his wife and three children are arriving for a few days visit from Iowa. We are all looking forward to sharing some good times together. is boring....and ever so welcome.


Pat said...

Looks like a lovely week with the grandkids and what a nice pool you got to use with them!!! That mountain lion issue is very scary. I hope there is no further trouble with them.

SmilingSally said...

The picture tell the story of a fantastic family week with grandchildren.

I'm still shaking my head about your dog.

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Great looking Happy family. Looks like our kinda fun.

Midlife Mom said...

What wonderful photos of the children in the pool! I miss my pool sometimes but at least I can walk over to my son's house and use his and he has all the work! I don't know where you get all of your energy, I get tired when I just have my two, I can't imagine having nine at once! :o) I bet the older ones help out with the younger ones. How nice for your son and DIL to be able to get away for a few days in beautiful Hawaii. We've only been there once, it is a 16 hour flight for us!

That class must have been so much fun! I will want to be seeing some of the projects that you do with all of this information that you learned. It's just amazing the things that we can do now days with our machines.

Glad you've had a normal week, you were well over do for one!!!

R is down with Bill and Rob today having lunch. R drove around Green*wich and just couldn't get over the beautiful homes everywhere! Sure is a whole different world then here in little ole Maine! lol! I wouldn't trade with them though, I love where I am.

That just scares me to death about the mountain lion. We hear on the news occasionally about one attacking a jogger and I can't even imagine that! We have our Maine black bear but they don't seem to bother dogs but do raid the birdfeeders and occasionally sheep and goats. There has been one around our neighborhood recently and I worry about the horses but R says they won't touch anything that big. I sure hope he is right. So sorry about your dog, heartbreaking to lose them but especially that way.

Take care my dear friend and enjoy your company! xoxox

Sharon said...

I sure did enjoy your photos. It looks like everyone had a great time.
That pool is so awesome.It was nice of the neighbors to let you use it.
It would sure cost a mint to get that many into a public pool around here.
I should would be afraid too, if I knew there was a cat in the neighborhood. So sorry to hear about your dog.
I do hope that you continue to have fun with all of your company this weekend.
God Bless

Obe's said...

Yes impatience love shade ,mine do well with minimum sun.
Your grandchildren do look to be having fun.
So sorry to hear about your dog,a tad scary down your way...yikes..
Have a good weekend

tango's trash & treasures said...

Hummm I couldn't comment at first??
Anyway looks like fun was had by all!!
Hope they find the couger soon!
That's so sad on your puppy:(

Alice Grace said...

What beautiful grandchildren! And all the fun they are having! You are making memories with them that they will always remember! I hope your Mom is still improving. She has had such a long bout of illness. I am still praying for her complete healing.


Hi Mary--what beautiful pictures of the family--all healthy and having such a good time. My name is Diane and I also joined the Sig Block swap and am now going around to meet all the others who signed up, so that when I get my blocks back I can truly say they are all signed by friends--You are welcome to come visit my site and to get to know me better too. Have a great safe fun week-end--hugs, just, Di

G'G'ma said...

Great pictures of a wonderful week with your grandkids. Imagine many hours were spent in the pool!

I keep thinking about how scary it must be to know there is a mountain lion roaming the neighborhood. Hope it can be caught soon.

Glad you enjoyed your class. I think it is so much fun to learn something new....and think WOW I can do that too!

Dawn said...

Wow that mountain lion is a nasty critter! I hope they find it soon.

I have heard of others having trouble with Blogger and pictures, but obviously, having posted 28 on my last issue, I haven't as of yet.

The pool looks so nice - glad you had that option with all those kids. Nine at once. Yikes! I'm exhausted with our 4.

Valerie said...

Oh what a wonderful time you must be having. We are in Panama City, Fla. with some of our family. I am so sorry about your dog. That is so sad. I hope they find that mountain lion. That is scary.

palmtreefanatic said...

that is just crazy to hear about the mountain lion! SCARY!!!

the pics are just wonderful anyway! I love water pics! Sounds like you are enjoying the grandkiddos!

Life is good! said...

looks like grandparent paradise, and i guess grandchildren paradise, either way it looks like fun!
so sorry about your dog!

em's scrapbag said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Your grandaughter in the pink hat is adorable.

boysmum2 said...

Boring is lovely sometimes. I too have had some trouble with moving pictures on the blog, it has got frustrating at times and very difficult to do!
My husband showed me how to create the banner and sign off for my blog, I just remembered what he had done when I created it.
Takes a little practice, but now I know how to do it, not sure if I will remember in a years time if I decide to change the style of the blog though!

Quilt Hollow said...

Wow...that neighbors pool is wonderful and how nice of them to lend it so your grandkids can play. Looks like all were having a wonderful time!

lindsey said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. You look like you had fun with your Grandchildren,they are beautiful. I am sorry to hear about your dog and hope the lion is caught before it does more damage. We had to have our dog 'put to sleep' a couple of moths ago, she was 16 1/2, so it has been quite an adjustment for us. Enjoy the sunshine!

Anonymous said...

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