Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's Mixes

Isn't there a saying about red skies in the morning...sailors take warning? We had the most beautiful bright red skies this morning followed by a drizzling rain most of the day. I think that this is what we have forecast for us for the remainder of the week too. I am certainly not complaining because we have just enjoyed a spell of deliciously warm days. I understand the other coast has had March come in more like the lion that we hear about. Guess that means it will go out like a lamb.

This week in the mail I received the most exciting box. It was from Sandi who had participated in the Whirl Into Winter Giveaway. I have to tell you that I have absolutely no idea how she managed to fit so much in one box, but if I ever have to move I want her to pack for me. Just look at all the goodies. The box was filled with bins that were packed with the best gifts. There were patterns, wool felt, threads, candies, stickers, note cards, doily, fabrics, tissues and on and on. I was really excited to win this package because I have been intrigued with the lovely felt projects that I have seen on various blogs, especially Sandi's. Now I get to try it myself and Sandi has offered me the chance to pick her brain if I have any questions. Look out, Sandi, as I will definitely be contacting you.

As I mentioned, the past week has blessed us with beautiful warm, clear days. That type of weather always sparks the desire for a little outdoor entertaining. We fired up the wood burning oven yesterday and had one of our sons and his family over for a pizza party. The girls love making the pizzas to every one's likings. They are getting very proficient at rolling out the dough and adding all the different toppings.

The youngest girl preferred to play dress up with the dolls.

Saturday evening we celebrated my mother's 86th birthday by taking her out for dinner. My three siblings, their spouses, my husband and I all enjoyed a great meal with her. It has been a few rough months for her and it was nice to just enjoy being together without all the medical worries for a few hours.

The doctor did a repeat MRI on her hip and we got the results last week. The sepsis has not completely cleared up on the oral antibiotics so she had to have a venous line put in her arm to receive I.V. antibiotics each day. She had called me to tell me that the doctor wanted her to have them daily for 42 weeks!!!! It turns out that it is only for 42 days which was a tremendous relief. They are allowing me to infuse them at home which makes it a little easier on her. This whole ordeal has been very tiring on her as anyone can imagine.

I was able to get out in the garden a bit this weekend and it felt so wonderful. I noticed that the swallows have returned to the area already. A large dark cloud of them flew over and circled before heading onwards. They say that they return to the Mission San Juan Capistrano on St. Joseph's Day which is March 19th.

This lovely little tomato was on a volunteer plant in my flower bed. The seed must have been dropped by a bird or the tortoises because I do not plant tomatoes in the flowers. It was delicious!

I brought my one of my blooming orchids inside to enjoy.

I've had a little time in my sewing room this week but it was mostly catching up on mending. I did make a few of the wonky log cabins that I am seeing on blogs. It is a great project for using scraps of which I have a gazillion and for having no plan other than it has to measure a certain size. FUN! I also did some much needed organizing.
Everyone needs to check out this great Giveaway. You also need to follow her links to see a fabulous rug pattern at the Moda Bakeshop.

May every one of you have a wonderful week.


  1. So glad your Mom had a wonderful birthday celebration :)
    Isn't it great that it's 42 days and not 42 weeks of IVs?
    Your volunteer tomato must have been tasty at this time of year. Can't wait to have loads in our garden come summertime. We're getting loads more rain and such high winds tonight. The lights flickered once, so not sure how long the power will stay on.
    Your pizza party looks like great fun.
    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  2. March came in like a lamb here, too. In fact, today it was over 70 degrees - just wonderful for us in February. But hopefully we'll get some rain and/or snow before summer comes - we need the moisture very badly.

    The tomato looks so tasty! Unbelievable that it came up voluntarily in your flower bed at this time of the year.

    I can't imagine having 6 more grandkids in my house, if 4 were this messy!

  3. You have a lovely family and it seems you had a nice celebration as well.
    YOur package was awesome!!!

  4. The pizza looks great, has to be one of may favourite meals! In the UK we say 'Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.' We too have had a few really nice days but today has clouded over. Can't wait for the real 'Spring' to kick in!

  5. It is cold and wet here today and not in the least spring-like! I am so glad your Mum had a great birthday celebration. 42 days seems long, but it is much better than 42 weeks.
    I would love to see the wonky log cabin bits!

  6. Your mom must have enjoyed being surrounded by her children and their families.

    That tomato makes me jealous.

    You certainly got a bunch of goodies. Now, you have some work to do!

  7. Wishing your mom a belated "happy birthday"..I know how happy she was to have all of her family around her to celebrate..Who is the pretty lady in the picture with the white hair??.. I miss my white hair when I see hers...

    The girls looked like it was so much fun making pizza's ...I love being with my granddaughters and having fun..

    Have a good day.It is great being nurses that we can help our families when needed.. Hugs, Baba

  8. How nice you had a good dinner for your mom's birthday! Loved the grandkid photos, too. As for Sandi and the package, she is a sweetheart and SO talented. Are you on her WoolyBuddies Yahoo group?

  9. Man what a busy time you have been having.
    It all looks so exciting. Glad you mum is feelign better even if she does have to have iv antibugs, at least they are letting her have them at home!
    We love home cooked pizzas in this house, infact we are having them on Sunday when some friends come for lunch.

  10. how wonderful to hear about your garden ...I am so jealous

  11. What a nice suprise package you received!
    I had one of those volunteer tomatoes last year too.

  12. what a wonderful celebration!
    great gift!
    grandkids are so cute!
    have a wonderful week!

  13. How did I miss a post? I don't intend for that to happen, I want to know everything going on at your place!

    The pictures of your flowers are just beautiful! I just can't even imagine having flowers blooming all year long. Wonderful! So your turtles eat some of the flowers????!! What a hoot! Our iguanas used to eat stuff like that too.

    So glad that your mother was able to get out for her birthday. She has been through so much in the last few months. You too, you have sure taken good care of her. So glad it really wasn't 42 weeks!!

    What a lovely gift box you won! That's a lot of stuff to put in one box!! I need her to help me pack up my kitchen. Actually I have been doing a few cupboards at a time and it hasn't been that bad YET. They haven't started tearing things out yet, that will be in about 10 days. Having trouble finding the sinks that I want. Evidently they don't make them as large as the ones I have now. I may just keep what I have as I don't want to go any smaller.

    You asked me if I keep the Winning Hand quilt on my bed all the time. No. The cats would be on it and make a mess of it. They like to go out in the garage and roll in the dust that comes off the car tires and then come in and jump on the bed. I just washed the bedspread in one of the guest rooms today where Munchie lays on it. I'm going to put an old blanket over it to keep it clean.

    Your pizza party looks like so much fun and the girls look like they are having a blast making the pizzas. Love the picture of the little one all dressed up!

    I had never heard of a 'volunteer' tomato!

    I'm trying to think about getting things ready for Puerto Rico. Not a dressy night so that helps out a lot. Just casual and one night where the men wear a sport coat no tie and the ladies wear a skirt or dress pants. Suits me fine! Then in May we are going to Miami to another convention. I hope that one is casual too but it probably won't be.

    Guess that's it for tonight. I think I will get on my jammies and watch the second night of American Idol. Hope they do better then they did last night, it was pretty bad. R. is at a trustees meeting at church and will be home later. He heads to Portland tomorrow but will be home tomorrow night.

    Take care and tell your Mom Happy Birthday for me. That was a beautiful card that you made for her!!!!!


  14. How great that your Mom was able to have that wonderful birthday celebration!
    Pizza party looks like fun for the kids especially. A tomato already? and the orchid! Oh my! My favorite! How absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Thank you for stopping by my blog with such kind words.

  16. I am relaxing a bit as the crazy quilt exhibit is all done and only have one thing left to do tomorrow for it.So, I decided to check out blogs and it was fun to pop in and see that box that I packed. Did you notice that I had turned that box "inside out" in order to mail it? :-) Glad you liked all the goodies. I would love some of that pizza, if you don't mind. I loved the photos of your grandaughters. How cute!! Off to read some more blogs.......

  17. Happy Birthday to your Mom! 86 years is great! The tomato looks delicious! Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend and upcoming week!

  18. Nice to hear that your mother had a good birthday..My mother is 84 now...I live a long way from her though and that is not good. Glad to see that good lookin' tomato..yummy! Sandy

  19. Your package is delightful! ENJOY all those wonderful treasures! Glad you mom is doing better. Very jealous of your fresh tomato.

  20. Happy Birthday to your mom! We are having a very windy start to March, but it's warm and I've been having lots of fun in the garden this week!

  21. I'm so glad to hear you've had some rain. Hope you get enough to make a difference.
    I hope the antibiotics bring your mom back to good health very soon. Glad you had a nice celebration for her birthday.
    How wonderful to be dining outdoors. Sounds like those girls are good little cooks already :)
    Good to hear you're getting some time in your sewing room.
    Spring is in the air here. It's dreary and wet today, but the temp is 40º and the air smells fresh :)

  22. Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet Mother! I know she must be sweet b/c I see beauty in every generation of your family!

  23. I am so sorry your mom is in the hospital again. Is it the same problem as before?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and take a little trip down memory lane. I definitely think we could have kept him from straying away from the straight and narrow!

    It's better not to get swept up in the AI frenzy - very time consuming and addictive!

    Blessings on you and your mom!

  24. I love your family pictures so much, especially the one with your Mom on her birthday, how special. May God bless her with many more.

  25. Happy Birthday to your Mom.. and those are wonderful photos.. The giveaway gift.. you're right... how did she get all that in that box??? Happy St Patrick's Day.. Bunches of hugs....

  26. Oh, my mama will be 86 in September! I'm so thankful for her!

  27. I wanted to say thank you for visiting my Mom and wishing her well. She is in so much pain with her back. Keep her in your prayers. I would love to have that tomato!! It looks great.

  28. Wow so much to read thank you I enjoyed this post, just thought I would stop by and say hello.

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  30. Looks like you are behind in blogging too just like me. I need to get myself back in the groove...Hope that all is okay in your world. Sandy

  31. Thanks for the visit. The fabric I mentioned is a heavier cotton gingham. So, since it isn't a beautiful foreign fabric I guess it is just really old!!

  32. Hoping you are OK as you are not posting.

  33. Looks like you are a little behind on blogging too..WHEW!! I think we have a club going!!
    Thanks for stopping by and for praying for Judy. We are all so excited for her results!! Sandy