Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Firestorm

As day breaks here in Southern California we once again see what destruction can come from the dry winds. Our hearts go out to the people who have lost so much in this very exclusive area of California. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, I must tell you that it is gorgeous. News that I just received from my daughter's godmother, who lives near there, advises me that she believes it will be much worse than what we are hearing with possibly two hundred homes involved. She said that the speed at which it came upon them was unbelievable with walls of fire reigning down. The roads are narrow and trying to evacuate an area like that is a major undertaking. We all pray that the winds will die down enough for our firefighters, our heroes, to get a handle on the fire.

Our niece is a student at the college where the fire started, but she happened to be at Disneyland with her family yesterday. Word is that several of the buildings on the campus were burned with one dorm completely destroyed. It will make for an interesting rest of the school year for those students involved.

I haven't had much of a chance to post lately because I have been busy. So....what else is new?

With two new grandbabies this year I have been working on Christmas stockings. I am doing these two with felt kits with lots of embroidery and sewing on of sequins. It is not an easy project to pack up and take with you on the go, but they are fun to construct, none the less. The majority of the stockings that I have done in the past have been in counted cross stitch.

Work in progress....

Some of the cross stitched ones.

Our quilt guild meeting this week featured Sandi Cummings as our guest speaker. She had some wonderful slides to show of her work as well as photos of other quilter's work from gals in her quilt group. It is always interesting to see what others are working on. Sandi's works were quite contemporary and her eye for color is amazing.

We've also been busy with helping out with some of the little ones. It is always nice to be close enough that the parents can drop the kids off or we can run over for a few hours of "Grandma/Grandpa time."

I must say that Grandpa is always a good sport.

Is everyone else out there being bombarded with catalogs this year? It definitely gets worse each year. I think that I must have several trees worth of paper stuffed in my mailbox so far and it isn't even December yet. I cannot imagine what my house would look like if I kept all of them. THAT would be a fire hazard. My recycle bin is filled each week.

The advantage is that I have been doing a lot of my Christmas shopping through the catalogs this year. The little ones love to look through the toy catalogs when they are here and I get some great ideas from them. With twenty grandchildren it is nice to get a head start on the shopping.

Did everyone in the world (except me) know that Mother's Cookies went out of business at the beginning of October? Where am I ever going to be able to buy those delicious Taffy cookies again????? Now, I must admit, I love to bake cookies, but I cannot duplicate that recipe. There are very few cookies that I would actually BUY; Taffy cookies are one of those. I guess that we will be seeing more and more of this happening to companies that we have loved all these years.

Friday is finally here and the weekend is busy with plans of gardening and finishing some more sewing projects. I hope that each of you will be enjoying your weekend as well.


  1. I love reading about your wonderful busy times with your family! The stockings are beautiful!
    Fire is such a powerful thing - I do hope your wonderful fire fighters manage to get this one under control quickly, and that the loss of properties is not as bad as you fear. And the lives - I will be praying too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your Christmas stockings are fantastic. Wow, that is a lot of work. I know because I used to do counted cross stitch.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  3. I love those stockings! What beautiful work you do!

  4. Those stockings are beautiful, there is so much work in them! I have never made cross stitch stockings before. I had three new grandchildren last year to make for, this year I have a new daughter in law to make one for. Even though my children are all grown up they always look forward to opening their stockings in the afternoon on Christmas day.

  5. Those stockings are so intricate. I love 'em. Your husband is a patient man, and he looks well loved.

  6. Wonderful Christmas stockings, these kids are so lucky to have them. I love watching the busyness of your family, you tell how much you love each other. Your pictures are great!

  7. Your stockings are beautiful.
    My grandma knit a stocking for each of her grandchildren and I still have it! I know your grandchildren will cherish theirs as well.
    I'm so sorry I haven't had time to be much of a blogging friend lately, but you've been in my thoughts and prayers.
    Those fires are horrific and today, another one! We have high winds and warm weather here too, but not like down there...
    Hope your arm is healing well.
    I'll try to stay in touch better, but I'm not sure when I'll post again...

  8. I am praying for all of the families near the scary. Your Christmas stockings are beautiful and I had no idea about Mother's cookies. That is so sad. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your family.

  9. Those cross stitched santa stockingas are fabulous, my daughter has just started her first cross stitch and I will have to show her what you can do when you master it, she will never quilt!!
    Just gorgeous! Tracey

  10. Those stockings are just gorgeous! Soooooo much work in each one of them!!! I used to do cross stitch until my eyes gave out on me, maybe I could use one of those magnifying things????

    We have been watching the news of the fires. This morning we heard that 500 homes had been lost, quite a few in just one mobile home park. I watch the pictures on the television and it all seems so unreal, like it is a movie or something but I know that's not the case. My heart goes out to those that lost everything, so many things you just can't replace. So glad your niece wasn't near the fires!

    Yes, Grampa is sure a good sport! I think I have a pic somewhere with R getting the same treatment! The kids were over last night and it was so good to see them. They couldn't come by when I had the pneumonia. I swear they have grown in just a week and a half! Yes, aren't we blessed to have our grand kids so close by!!!!

    Let me know about your arm!
    I have been wondering about that.

  11. Checking in to see how your area of CA is doing with the horrible fires. The news reports show such devastation. So, obviously, I am worried about you and yours.
    Sending up prayers.


  12. The stockings are amazing - such intricate and time consuming work!

    Did they ever figure out who or what started the fire? I heard it was man caused. So sad!

    I hadn't heard Mother's cookies are gone. So sad, too! I buy cookies, shame on me!

    Grandpa looks like he's having fun! DC is a good grandpa, too!

  13. Those girls are having a Blast! what a hoot! your husband is a good sport!

    those stockings are AMAZING!!!! love them!

  14. Those fires are awful.I hope they put them out as quickly as possible without anyone getting hurt.

    The photo is so cute.. It's good to be busy for grandchildren.. Happy Holidays!

  15. The cross stitch stockings are amazing. Looks like everyone had a fun time with Grandpa. I guess we know who these sweet girls have wrapped around their finger.

  16. Hi Mary -

    Those Christmas stockings are incredible! What talent you have, in so many areas!

    I continue to be shocked at how many homes have been lost in the recent fires. I keep thinking that we're done and the devastation is over, but I know we're only just beginning the fire season. The video footage has been horrific, hasn’t it?

    Please give your hubby a hug for all of us. He indeed is a good Grandpa, and is building memories with his grandchildren that will last their whole lives!

    Be well, my friend.

  17. Those stockings are beautiful...and so time consuming!!
    But they are keepsakes for the little ones,so it's all worth it!
    Thanks for stopping by...Suzy

  18. Those Christmas stockings are amazing and I especially like the first one. You are clever.

    The fires were bad we saw them on tv.

  19. Hi Mary, I love all of your Christmas stockings, but the felt one looks precious.. the cross- stitch ones take a lot of work..

    You have 20 grands and I have 14.. we are busy with our shopping, but the little ones are so easy to buy for, not like the 8 adults !!

    I have tagged you for a short meme..You may do it after Thanksgiving if you wish..
    Hugs, Baba

  20. What beautiful work you do!! Yes, life IS busy, I never could have imagined how busy it does get!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!