Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Make it STOP!

I'm so ready for the winds to stop and the fires in the area to get under control.  It has been a couple of wild days around here.

The home that was my parents for many years burned to the ground yesterday in Ventura.  The heroic efforts of firefighters stood no chance with the incredible winds we were experiencing.  So many memories are now left in our minds and in the ashes.

I am just so grateful for the fact that my mom chose to move closer to my sister and myself.  To get that middle of the night phone call to evacuate would have been terrifying.

Tonight is suppose to be even worse as far as the winds go.  I am praying for the safety of the firefighters and for all of those who have lost their homes, including my niece and nephew.

Needless to say, sewing has taken a back seat this week with all that has been going on here.  I did, however, play around a bit with some geese and nine patches.  I was just trying to see what another colorway in Bonnie Hunter's mystery would look like.