Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some Sewing and Chicago

Brother....I am still trying to get used to this new way to upload pictures on Blogger.  Things, including me, are out of sorts here.  But.....I will continue to try to learn yet another new trick.  What is it they say about old dogs?????
With Halloween coming up, I am getting into the costume mode.  The little ones always want to decide what they will be at the last moment so I sewed for a dog.  That would be my uncle's dachshund.  I saw this pattern months ago and thought it would be so cute for a doxie dog.  Since he lives in Iowa, I have no picture of the dog in it.  I tried to get my cat to model it for me to no avail.  I think he is still hiding somewhere.  What a fun pattern it was to make.

Emily and I have been exchanging blue and yellow blocks each month and I finally finished hers and got it in the mail.  I can see this block as a full sized quilt.

I finished the binding on two of the quilts that I had Mary longarm for me.  She did a fabulous job, as she always does.  Thank you, Mary.  I wanted to get the doll quilt washed before taking a picture of it for you, but my washing machine decided to stay on vacation even after we returned from ours.  The part needed of course was backordered.

Look at the sweet hearts.

I just loved using the leftover strips in my binding on this one.

The mailman brought me a great package this week from Rhonda.  She has a sense of humor, I think, quite like mine.  I had won some fabulous fabric in a metal basket and a ruler grabber in a giveaway that she just had.  When I opened the box all of these adorable little fogs popped out of it.  Sooooo cute!  The card was also hysterical!  Thank you, Rhonda.  It did give me a great laugh for the day. 

It is always fun to have a "helper" in my studio.  Kids and a box of buttons!!!!  He really liked just scattering them with his hand because they made a great noise.

Now for a bit more of a taste of Chicago. As I mentioned, the weather was perfect so we did a lot of outdoor walking and exploring.

Since we were in Lincoln Park, we visited their zoo.  Can you believe it was actually FREE to get into it?  What a fabulous thing that is for young families.  I won't bore you with all of the animals, but DH liked this one because she was on watch while he was able to get his afternoon rest!!!!!!

Me???  I liked the stately giraffe.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

Now...this guy was "in charge".

We had to take my sister and BIL back to visit The Bean.

This building is called The Wave and is the tallest skyscraper designed by a female architect.  I guess you could say that she was going to have none of the boring square looks to her building.

These are the three oldest skyscrapers in Chicago.  Beautiful, aren't they?

A view of the newer Chicago.  The river was considered the dividing point between "old" Chicago and "new" Chicago.  The division has moved somewhat further away from the river as newer buildings were built to replace some of the older ones.

Well....we were looking for fall colors in the trees!!!!

Buckingham Fountain with a backdrop of the "old" Chicago.

What???  More fall colored trees????

Navy Pier

The elegant Water Tower on Michigan Avenue.

Navy Pier entrance.  A great place to visit.

The harbor with Lake Michigan in the background.


quiltingnana said...

love the ladies quilt...nice pics of Chicago

lindsey said...

Thans for posting these photo's of Chicago...I went there when I was 16 (a long time ago) and I have really enjoyed looking through your post

Linds said...

Your quilts, as always, are so beautiful! I love that little doggie outfit too - hilarious!

And Chicago - it is also on the list. (Which has reached epic proportions!)

Myra said...

Love the hot dog costume, and wonderful quilts! Great photos! I especially like the Gorilla! lol! 8-)

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

OMG, your hot dog costume is so awesome! I am laughing my butt off at it. Was is hard to make? I might have to try making one for my dog.
Too cute!

Dorine said...

The quilt of thelittle dolls is gorgeous and the pictures of Chicago.
I would like to visit the town there.
But it is a bit out of my place(lol).
So I stay in my own country.
But all nice pictures
hugs Dorine

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Love the lioness watching over the sleeper. LOL Love the quilts and the 'hot dog'~ cute idea! Your little helper was sure concentrating on his task. Have a happy day!

Sharon said...

I really do love the hotdog costume.
Your doll quilt is beautiful.
I enjoyed looking at the pic of Chicago, my old stomping grounds.
I would love to travel by Amtrak.
I think that would be so relaxing and a good way to see the country.

Trudy Callan said...

Gorgeous photos. I laughed when I read that you tried to get your cat to model the dog costume. It's very cute. Love the quilt, too.

Anonymous said...

That hot dog costume is just too darned cute and funny!! I enjoyed today's visit to yours!

Tonya said...

I love the bean in Chicago, I've had a few layovers in Chicago but not long enough to get out and see the city. Love that dog costume.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Love the hot dog costume its just adorable!
Never been to Chicago,loved your photos.

Pat said...

LOVE that is a fascinating one to me. The dog costume is a real hoot. And, of course, I enjoyed seeing more of your travel photos. The gal who quilts your quilts does a wonderful job!!!

Heidi said...

I love the quilts! And the costume.. so funny!

Love the Chicago pictures too!

Notjustnat said...

Thanks for the tour of Chicago. It looks like a nice city. Love that dogie's jacket, how cute! Hugs Nat

palmtreefanatic said...

Chicago looks like a neat place! never been there!

love the zoo there and wanna take that giraffe home with me! love it:)
Looks like a lovely day!

your quilts are always so amazing and inspiring!

Stephanie said...

Darling little dolly quilt. Isn't Chicago a great city. The Bean is a fun place for photos.

Barb said... the quilts...great pictures!

Claire said...

First - your photos of Chicago really made me want to visit - especially that "wave" skyscraper and the water tower.
Second - loved the quilts - makes me want to start again after having packed it all away through all my moves. Thank you!

Claire said...

Third - laughed at picturing you trying to get the hotdog costume on your cat!

PEA said...

Your cat just didn't want to look like a wienie dog! lol That hot dog costume is so adorable and I do hope your uncle takes a picture of his dog wearing it and sends it to you:-)

How adorable is that doll quilt? It must be so awesome to finish projects like that and say "I" made that!!

Those frogs are too cute, what a fun idea for Rhonda to include in her parcel to you:-)

You have quite the adorable little helper there. I remember my mom having buttons and empty thread spools that she had in a little box and the boys use to love going there to play with them:-) Never mind the toys she would buy them, they wanted that box of buttons! lol

More gorgeous pictures of Chicago. It certainly is a city full of fascinating scenery! The Wave building is absolutely awesome, I've never seen anything like it. The Water Tower is quite the building as well...oh it's all just so beautiful. xoxo

Talin's Corner said...

Love your pics...the wave building is so cool.

Barbara said...

More great photos. Love touring with you.

I know they have to make cheese like that b ut turns me off a little when I see it.

Meant to mention, don't know what it is like there going back to nursing b ut here nurses not having worked for some time are haviong to go to university to study nursing!

Fleurette said...

Always love seeing your holiday photo's. I love the hotdog costume, so cute! You've made some really beautiful quilts!