Wednesday, August 9, 2017


How's that for a title?  It beats writing out Pumpkin, Pipping Post.  Does anyone else struggle with post titles?

Starting next week we will be watching grandchildren for a couple of weeks - first one set and then another so I won't be getting any much computer time.

Taking that into consideration, I wanted to finish my Minis and More project for August while I had some time to sew.  The pattern this month is Mini Pumpkins by Allison Harris at Cluck Cluck Sew.  I have always enjoyed the monthly project brought to us by Michele and Sherri.  Although I can't participate each month, they have a great Mini Parade on the first of each month.

The last P is for the pipping that we've had going on here this week - our baby tortoises.  They have a little pipping tooth that cracks the shell.  They will spend the next two-three days absorbing their yolk before fully emerging and walking away from their shells. 

See the little nose?

Pipping started on August 1st and six of the seven babies were participating within 4 days.  The last one has been stubborn and finally pipped last evening.    This one has decided to do things a bit backwards as he is approaching life with an arm out - waiting for some sort of handout, I'm sure.

The mostly absorbed yolk.

Once their yolks are pretty much dried out, I transfer them to a larger container and start feeding them.

We once had a tortoise that pipped and hatched out immediately.  Unfortunately, the yolk was so large that it looked like it was balanced on a ball with no feet touching the ground.  He had to stay like that until enough of the yolk was absorbed so he could finally reach the ground.

I've been sewing in bit and spurts this week.  Do you know how it is when you can only squeeze in 10-15 minutes of stitching?  What do you work on during that time?  I know I hate to get involved in something that is going to take more time than I have.  I decided to sew some of my selvage pieces into blocks.  My box of them was overflowing and I can say that after 35 blocks - it is still overflowing.  I think I fluffed them up too much!!  I do love how they are looking and am eager to make more.  As Stephanie at (IG)sadunphy said....they are like potato chips.  So true! the garden the plumerias are all blooming now and they smell heavenly.  I love the shape of these two.

There was something very strange going on with one of my strawberries.  I know they say that they are covered with seeds, but this was taking that idea to a whole new level.  I was waiting to see what would happen to it, but a rabbit decided it was much too good to leave on the bush.

I'll be back in a few weeks.  

Friday, July 28, 2017

Long Overdue Post

It seems like forever - and yet only yesterday - that I last posted.  The month has flown past but we have been busy with lots of wonderful family times.  The sewing has been slow and in bits and pieces, but that is fine too.

I've been trying to keep up with the Sew All Around QAL that has been running on Quilts My Way this summer.  I am enjoying doing all of the circles that Gosia has been challenging us with in her patterns.  This one was all about waves.

Other bits of sewing have been my Gridster Bee Blocks.  I have enjoyed being able to work ahead a bit on these.  These blocks are for Lisa on IG @nymblefyngers.  She requested little tree blocks.  The pattern can be found HERE.

I need to catch up on the Temperature Quilt, but this is what the year has looked like up into the middle of July.

We recently returned from our annual fishing trip in the Sierras.  It was absolutely gorgeous this year after the wonderful rains we had.  Of course, there is still quite a bit of snow in the area.  Our son actually skied one of the mornings before fishing!  The scenery was spectacular as we fished at 9700 feet elevation.  There is nothing like have a line in the water as you take in that sight.  

Our best fisherman with his 4#8oz. trout.

My favorite part is watching and enjoying the interaction of all of the grandchildren.  It's not as though they aren't together frequently since they live locally, but they aren't together 24/7 like they are when we are away.  

Part of the gang who attended.  

DD came over and helped me put up the pickles for the summer.  Everyone wanted to help so we found jobs for everyone.

As we say goodbye to July we welcome August.  Christmas will be here before we know it.  Happy August!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mid July

I really didn't plan on being away for two weeks.  Life just seems to have something new and exciting every day.  I feel out of the loop as I have been off of the computer much of the time as we entertained company, celebrated the 4th of July and started the busy season of canning.  Two peach trees are done and one to go.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was the recipient of the June blocks for the Gridster Bee.  They have all come in and I just love the way this is coming together.   I'll add a few more Confetti Stars and get this put together shortly.

Meanwhile, as we move on to the next month's Gridster Bee blocks I completed my August block for Debbie - IG littlebirdquilts.  I have seen this quilt popping up on the different blogs and think Debbie's bright colors will look so nice.

Our July 4th party was loads of fun.  I always feel so blessed that the children have been able to grow up together.  Their cousins are their best friends and they always have someone to join them in whatever they do.

Pre sparkler instructions.

Serious yearly Corn Hole tournament.

They just look mischievous with those water balloons.

Master chef!

For Father's Day the kids gave their dad a Sous Vide immersion cooker.  We finally had a chance to try it out over the weekend and loved it.  We did a pork loin on Saturday night that was so moist and tasty.  Sunday we did a steak and it was also fantastic.  It is an interesting concept in cooking as the meat and herbs are cooked in a sealed bag and placed into warmed water (thus the ping pong balls to reduce water evaporation).  It is then finished off by searing a few seconds in a hot skillet.  It is great for timing the meal to be done at a certain time.  We were both very impressed and will be using this often.

I recently was selected as a winner of this beautiful Mulberry Lane jelly roll from Cherry Blossoms Quilting.  I just love the colors in these fabrics and look forward to making a quilt with it.  I have followed Cherry for many years and love her creative pieces.  One of my favorite quilts that I hang each year is a pattern of hers - the Feathered Christmas.

Tomorrow the girls and I start the pickles.  I'm looking forward to the fun.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Birthday Sewing

It has been another fun week of birthday celebrations in our family.  We had three birthdays on Tuesday alone!   Another one is tomorrow.  Of course that means I have an excuse for sewing - matching outfits.

We made a quick road trip over the weekend.  We were able to experience the tremendous heat that has been stalled over the West.  This was a photo of the start of the brush fire near Brian Head, Utah.  At the time it was 112*.  I cannot imagine those firefighters working in those conditions - even without the additional heat from the fire.

It was so nice to see such full lakes and streams throughout Utah and Wyoming.  It has been too many years without such sights. 

We arrived home on Monday just in time to bond a bit with this cutie in the emergency room for stitches.  (His mom and dad were out of town.)  The tape on his nose was from his wristband used to cover up his freckles that everyone thought were so cute!

Tuesday was jam day.  We have an annual tradition of making jam and bread during the summer months.  The girls have grown up from our first jamming adventures and now they do most of it themselves, but it's fabulous that they still want to keep up the tradition.

Tuesday night was a birthday party and we enjoyed watching the older children giving rides to the little ones.  I had a dear friend stay with us for a few days and she joined us for the party.  It was fun to have her meet so many of the grandchildren as she and I were neighbors when we were raising our own young families.  There were lots of memories to share.   

I am the Queen Bee this month in our Gridster Bee.  My block choice is the Confetti Star.  It has been such fun to have the blocks arrive in the mail.  What's not to love about colorful stars?  I think it will make a great quilt. 

Although my temperature quilt will be rather boring this month with our June Gloom weather pattern, I get to add another turtle to June 26th.  Our momma tortoise laid a second batch of eggs that day.  These won't hatch until the end of September - a late hatching.  The others should start hatching around the middle of August. 

I can't believe that we are ready to put June behind us already.  The summer will be gone before we know it at this rate.  I won't be posting again before the 4th of July as we will have houseguests and a big celebration.  I wish all of those in the U.S. a safe and wonderful Independence Day. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gridster Bee Block

Since I am the bee queen in our Gridster Bee this month, I have had time to work on next month's block for Carol (IG carolanngillen).  She has such a fun block for July - all things patriotic.

My Temperature Quilt 2017 geese have been pretty boring this month.  We live in an area designated as a "microclimate" so we have not experienced the high heat that much of the West has been enduring.  Our warmest day only reached 87* so no reds so far this month.

I promised some better photos of my Row by Row quilt.  I am so pleased with the great job that everyone did on their row.  It's a big quilt at 72x88"

The family all gathered on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day.  We had a delightful BBQ, but I never even took the camera out for photos.  The memories will remain in a photo album in my mind.  Our children gave DH a Sous Vide Cooker.  It sounds very interesting.  We had a steak done that way an it was amazing.  Has anyone used one before?  If so, what did you cook with it?  Recipes????

I watched these little cuties the other day and they had fun going through the girl's hair adornment box. 

Much of my time has been spent in the garden these days so will finish off with some photos from a stroll around the yard this morning.

Mandavilla poppy that is on a trellis going up the patio.

Plumerias just starting to bloom

Plumeria in red

Red Hibiscus

Yellow hibiscus

Pink hibiscus

Bee in the center of the hollyhock

One of my pineapple plants started from the cutting the top off of a store bought pineapple.  I am hoping to see a pineapple start on it soon. 

We had a great time with Bonnie Hunter at our quilt guild meeting last week.  He trunk show was so inspiring.  The backs of her quilts are as exciting as the fronts.  This is one of her backs.

The front.

LOVED this yellow and blue.

This is her hexie quilt that she has often blogged about.
Of course there were lots of En Provence finishes by guild members.  I found this one gorgeous with the extra border to make it king sized.

Fun to see so many together. 
Happy summer!